How to Watch American Netflix in Canada (Or Anywhere Else in the World)

American NetflixNetflix might be available in 41 countries around the globe, but users outside the U.S. will find the selection of titles available in their Netflix streaming libraries pales in comparison to the selection available to users inside the U.S. As with many such services, American users just have it better. Canadians, for example, are denied access to more than 300 titles available to Netflix users south of the border.

If you’re streaming Netflix outside the U.S., you can unlock American Netflix content and vastly expand your streaming library. Here’s how.

Get a Canadian Netflix Account

If you already have a Netflix account in your country, then you can proceed to the next step. But if you haven’t yet signed up for Netflix, you’re going to need to get a Canadian (or British, Irish, etc.) Netflix account in order to unblock American Netflix content.

Netflix doles out access to its content according to where it thinks you’re accessing the content. It doesn’t care if you signed up for an account using a non-U.S. IP address. If you physically took your laptop or other device into the U.S. and then visited Netflix, you’d be able to stream all of the American content with no problems — it wouldn’t be blocked just because you signed up using a Canadian IP address or Canadian credit card. So, you’ll use a Smart DNS proxy service to re-route your connection through an American server, thereby gaining an American IP address and unlocking access to all the Netflix titles available to American users.

Subscribe to a Smart DNS Proxy Server

Smart DNS Proxy ServerOnce you have a Netflix account in your country of residence, you’ll need to gain access to a Smart DNS proxy server. A Smart DNS proxy service will allow you to access not just American Netflix but also HuluPlus, Pandora radio and any other video or music streaming service that’s restricted outside the United States. Most proxy server services, like Smart DNS Proxy, offer a free trial period to new customers.

Set Up Your Device(s) and Start Watching

Once you’ve signed up for a Smart DNS proxy service, you can set up your device or network and start watching American Netflix. If you have just one or two devices to connect to the proxy server, you might set them up individually. However, if you’re like most people, you’ve got a whole house full of devices on which you want to watch Netflix — smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops, desktops and the like. Instead of painstakingly setting up each and every one of your household’s devices, simply configure your whole network to connect to the proxy server.

There’s no software to install and you don’t have to worry about turning your proxy server on and off if you want to switch between American Netflix and local web services. You can navigate to and from blocked web services natively using a proxy server.

If you’ve been frustrated by the poor streaming selection available to Netflix users outside the U.S., a Smart DNS proxy server is the solution. Enjoy fast streaming times and a secure connection that lets you access American web services from anywhere in the world.