New Seasons of DreamWorks Dragons to Premier on Netflix

DreamWorks DragonsSince the premiere of the DreamWorks film “How to Train Your Dragon 2” at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, Netflix has agreed to launch new seasons of the animated series DreamWorks Dragons. The children’s program was originally broadcast on Cartoon Network in 2012. Two seasons consisting of 20 episodes each were broadcast on Cartoon Network between 2012 and 2014. The third season will launch on Netflix in spring 2015, and will be available for streaming in all Netflix territories.

The Netflix-DreamWorks Animation Deal

The new seasons of DreamWorks Dragons will appear on Netflix as part of an agreement reached between the two companies in 2013. Under the agreement, DreamWorks Animation agreed to provide Netflix with 300 hours of new programming. DreamWorks Animation made its movies and television features available for streaming on Netflix in 2011.

The deal between DreamWorks Animation and Netflix allows DreamWorks to expand into the lucrative television market without relying on a cable network partnership. Likewise, the deal allows DreamWorks to bypass establishing their own television network, or buying out an existing upstart network.

A Beloved Children’s Program

DreamWorks Dragons was a popular program on Cartoon Network, attracting an average audience of about two million viewers per episode. The program serves as a bridge between the 2010 release of the DreamWorks film “How to Train Your Dragon” and the release of the sequel, slated for June 13, 2014.  

The events of DreamWorks Dragons take place immediately after the events of the first “How to Train Your Dragon” movie but before the events of the sequel — although the events of new seasons of the program will presumably pick up where the events of the sequel leave off. The series follows the adventures of Hiccup, Toothless and the rest of the inhabitants of Berk as they face new challenges and battle new enemies.

DreamWorks AnimationOther New Programs Planned

DreamWorks Animation will also be releasing other new series episodes on Netflix in late 2014, in keeping with the terms of the agreement between the two companies. These programs will include “Puss in Boots,” “King Julien” and “Veggie Tales in the House.” A fourth series, “Turbo FAST,” will be based on the DreamWorks Animation film “Turbo,” which chronicled the adventures of a super-fast snail. “King Julien” will involve characters from the Madagascar movies; “Puss in Boots” will relate the adventures of the cat of the same name from the Shrek movies; and “Veggie Tales in the House” will offer children more stores about these beloved characters.

While many of the new programs DreamWorks Animation is creating for Netflix will involve characters from the company’s feature films, the studio may also use characters held by Classic Media, which it bought in July 2012. These characters include such classic favorites as Casper the Friendly Ghost, She-Ra, Mr. Magoo and Lassie.

Per the 2013 agreement between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation, new seasons of DreamWorks Dragons will appear on Netflix instant streaming in 2015. The hundreds of hours of animation DreamWorks have agreed to product for Netflix mean that the streaming network is gaining ground as an alternative source of commercial-free, wholesome children’s programming.