Hulu l December 19, 2014

Best Shows to Watch on Hulu this Christmas 2014

Everyone loves exclusive stuff and when it comes to TV shows there is absolutely no exceptions whatsoever. People talk about Netflix being the baddie of Entertainment with their intimidating library and hundreds of exclusive shows. But if you are one of those people who are lucky enough to have Hulu or Hulu+ then you would be disappointed about the amount exclusivity Hulu is offering this holiday season. So hang on tight folks we are about to take you for a ride.
Best Hulu Shows for 2014 Christmas
1.     Selfie
You must have heard about the tragic story about this show starring Karren Gillan and John Cho which also happens to be the modern retelling of My Fair Lady. This show couldn’t even go beyond halfway through its episode because it was cancelled by ABC Network. Though not a lot but this show was gaining quite the fan base. People appreciated the on screen chemistry of Cho and Gillan. So you must be wondering what so ‘exclusive’ about a show which was cancelled? Well Hulu managed to get all the remaining episodes of the show for those who really liked it. Watching the remainder of the show is a bittersweet experience and fans of Cho and Gillan won’t be disappointed.
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2.     The Wrong Mans
If you haven’t seen this show we suggest that you get right on it. This show is a mix of action and comedy. Hulu recently announced that it was renewed for another season because of its popularity. This show is a story about Joes Sam (Matthew Baynton) and Phil (James Corden), their whole lives are turned upside down when they answer a call at a scene of a car accident and get themselves pulled in to a crime wave. The show is engaging and worth putting your time in and according to Corden the show will get even crazier in the upcoming season which happens to be a Hulu Exclusive.
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3.     The Originals
Are you a fan of Vampire Diaries? Doesn’t matter what your answer is because you are going to love this show. The originals is a spinoff of Vampire Diaries but because of its unique and unnerving storyline it has come out on its own. The vampire Kalus (Josepeh Morgan) has his eyes set on becoming the king of New Orleans and will do anything to achieve his objective. This show has equal parts of melodrama, action and supernatural mystery. Watch it first on Hulu, need we say more?
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4.     Sleepless in Seattle
Let’s change the flavor a bit from series to a classic holiday season movie. Sleepless in Seattle stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (have we got your attention yet?). Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are a pair who are need of romance but are separated by a thousand miles. This movie is a must watch this holiday with your family by that fire place. It’s got a lot of drama and a good storyline and a 77% fresh Rating Rotten Tomatoes. You have to check it out.
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5.     Becoming Santa
This is a documentary which is a must watch this season for everyone. This is a documentary which leave you believing in Santa Claus again. This funny indie movie follows a man who tries to get in the shoes of our jolly Santa Claus by enrolling himself in Santa School. From there who goes on to appear in parades and takes wishes from children. This movie will also teach the audience of the Santa Claus and why people try to keep him alive every year. This movie will lighten up your Christmas spirit. Becoming Santa has a 80% Certified Fresh Rating which makes it a must watch.
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So that’s about it, we are done with our list of hulu and hulu+ exclusive for this season. Keep in mind that Hulu is a US only service and will not work outside of US if you want to log in to Hulu this season then get an account of Smart DNS Proxy and get unlimited access.