Hulu l January 11, 2021

Hulu tips and tricks

Hulu, for the third time a row, offered a 1-year Hulu subscription for $2 per month, which is usually priced at around $6. That’s one hell of a deal! But that’s not all, apart from watching some stunning content such as The Handmaid's Tale and Ramy, here are some nifty Hulu tips and tricks that you should try. Let’s begin. 

Get Hulu outside US

Hulu offers some of the greatest shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Good Place, Fargo and not to forget the US live TV. But, what if you want to watch Hulu outside the US?

Well, you can’t. Or can you?

Fortunately, there is a way to get Hulu outside the US even though you don’t have a US credit card or PayPal. Although, do keep in mind, you won’t be able to get the Disney Plus bundle using this method.

Here’s how.

Buy a gift card first. You can use sites such as MyGiftCardSupply or even Target to buy a $25 gift card.

Next, turn on your Smart DNS Proxy VPN and switch to the United States server.

Now, head over to Hulu gift card redemption page, and paste the gift card code.

That’s it, now you can get Hulu outside the US and even use it on your smartphone and Android TV. We’ve done a detailed video on it. The link will be given in the YouTube cards. Moving on.

Watch party (2 methods)

Next up, we have - Hulu watch party, which lets you watch Hulu online with friends? Now, there are two ways to watch Hulu with friends.

The first is Hulu official method. To start the watch party, head over to Hulu website and sign in your account. After that, click on the show that you want to watch with your friends. Now, you will see a watch party icon so click on that and it shows a new window so click on start the party. Now, it will open the watch party sharing page and you can copy the link and share with your friends or family and after joining with your friend, just click on the start party (do keep in mind, it will require two different Hulu accounts). Now enjoy the show and also you can live chat with friends. There is separate chat section on the right side.

The second method is Metastream. This comes in handy when you have only one Hulu account. To install that, open the Chrome’s web store and search for Metastream Remote and install it. After installing, head over to Metastream official website and create your account or log in if you have already. Now, click on open Metastream button. Then, click on start session and it will appear in a new window that looks like a media player. Now, add media and select Hulu and sign in. After that, select the show and on the right section, there is a sharing icon so click on that and copy the link. You can also select public or private session and you can set the number of people limit which is pretty cool. After joining with your friends, enjoy the show!

IMDb rating on Hulu with Chrome extension

The next Hulu trick is to get IMDb rating on Hulu shows that you watch.

To do so, you need to install zRate Hulu Disney+ plug-in in Chrome browser. Search for zRate Hulu Disney on chrome store and after that, click on Add to Chrome, then add extension.

Now head over to Hulu website and reload the page. The rating is shown below the thumbnails. If it does not work, on top-right corner click on extension and pin this extension. Now, click on that and enable the ratings again and then reload the page to see if it works.

As of now, there is no way to get IMDb ratings for Hulu app on iOS or Android. In such cases, I simply use the Google assistant or Siri to find the IMDb rating. Simply start the Google assistant and say the movie or TV show name, that’s it. Not perfect, but works for most things.

Don’t pay for Hulu while you’re on vacation

Don’t want to pay for Hulu while you are on vacation? Unlike most other subscription services, Hulu lets you take a temporary break for up to twelve weeks without canceling your subscription entirely.

Simply locate the “Your Subscription” section on your account page and click “Pause Your Subscription” to put a hold on your Hulu account for up to 12 weeks. if you need to disable your subscription for longer than twelve weeks, you’re better off canceling and renewing whenever you want to come back.

Add stuff to your watch list

Another thing that sets Hulu apart from other streaming services is an awesome watch list feature. You can create a personalized list of all the shows and movies you watch (or plan to).

Say, you are moving around Hulu, you might find a couple of movies or shows you want to watch later. In that case, just tap the + icon and the title will be added to My Stuff. You can also personalize what Hulu recommends by rating what you've watched -- just tap the thumbs-up or the thumbs-down icon. 

Turn on dark mode

Okay, this is not really a trick, but easy to miss. Hulu, just like many other services, provide a native dark mode on desktop. Just tap the profile icon, and toggle on Night Mode. That’s it. If you ever want to turn the feature off, you can do so by just toggling that switch back to the off position.

Hulu download shows on mobile 

Hulu, just like any other service, lets you download shows, but there are few thigs to keep in mind.

It only works on Android, iOS and Amazon Fire tablet. Unfortunately, you cannot download your favorite shows and movies to your computer, smart TV, gaming console and not even on Windows 10 Hulu app, which is a bummer since Netflix lets you do that.

It won’t work on the basic $6 plan, you will need the premium ad-free plan that cost $12 per month or go for YouTube live which starts at $55 per month.

Hulu allows you a max of only 25 downloads for your device.

And you have only 30 days to watch downloaded shows, and once you start it, you only have 48 hours to watch that episode, after which the download expires, and you must renew the content.

Yeah, there are a lot of restrictions, but that’s pretty standard with most streaming service, as they primarily want you to stream their show, rather than watching it offline. 

Either way, to download a show on your Android or iOS, tap the Search icon at the bottom. There, you will see the list of shows that are available for downloads. Tap on a small download button next to the circle of each episode to download them.

There you go, that’s were some Hulu tips and tricks to enhance the experience. Also check out our other Hulu videos here, and while you are at it, check out Smart DNS Proxy where you can unblock geo-restricted content from Hulu, Amazon Prime, Pandora, HBO Max, Netflix or what have you.

Thanks for reading and watching, subscribe to our YouTube channel and see you in the next one.