Netflix l November 22, 2014

Netflix Error – If You Aren’t in US, then you better watch it.

Netflix is considered to be one of the most renowned sources of internet online. Being the first of its kind, Netflix has influenced quite a few replicas like Hulu, iPlayer and Pandora. Netflix initially was available globally but copy infringements forced them to restrict their services to United States America. However, later on they did move their services to Canada and Europe. With that being said, the content on the US version of Netflix is much more than the content available in Canada, Europe and other countries. 
Netflix has grown exponentially in the last few years in terms of its Movie and Series database; currently, there are over 20,000 pieces of content available in the US version of Netflix. Unfortunately for Netflix fans, these contents are only available in the US. The most notorious error you get when you are trying to access the Netflix page or app outside the US is “Netflix is not available in you region”. This can be very disappointing as there are many exclusive shows on Netflix which aren’t aired anywhere else. But before we get to the part where we tell you about how to unblock Netflix, we will first talk about why you need to unblock it.
Netflix is all about accessibility, they constantly strive to make things available to their viewers whenever they want. Not only that, Netflix has also enhanced their database in a way that their viewers get their demands met. But this doesn’t end here; Netflix is constantly expanding its mammoth database to cater to each of its customer bases.
Netflix was launched in Canada in 2010 while the North Americans saw its penetration in 2011. Ireland and other Nordic countries got access to Netflix in the year 2012. Now it has been announced that Netflix will be announced in Australia next year, i.e. 2015. This indicates that Netflix is serious about expansion and it won’t be long before we see Netflix covering all of the major countries of the world.
Because of this rapid expansion, Netflix has to also increase its database. Unfortunately, all the good shows are either exclusive to the US version. If you use a re-routing software like SmartDNSProxy you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows without any hassle.
Regardless of the restrictions, Netflix’s demand is at an all-time high, people have found ways to access their favorite shows via torrents. There are many solutions other than torrents; the most popular is to use IP re-routing software like SmartDNSProxy. Using SmartDNSProxy works like a charm as Netflix checks the IP address from which you are logging in and luckily; as mentioned before; SmartDNSProxy re-routes your IP so that it seems like you are logging from the US.
Another hindrance in your way would be the location from which you pay for Netflix. You can pay from your personal account but you need to have a registered address in the US. If you can’t work something out then you can ask someone who is living in the US to purchase a Netflix account on your behalf.
People may argue that when there are many free options available in the market then why someone would go for the paid options. Well, the answer is simple, the alternative people talk about are either free proxies or browser extensions. Though we do admit that these softwares can be easily used to access Netflix but they are still not a viable option because they can compromise your personal data. Free proxies maybe free but they have a lot of traffic which makes it streaming impossible. The other popular option which are browser extensions are also not viable because they are free and constantly re-routes their IP which may cause your streaming to stutter and stop midway.
SmartDNSProxy doesn’t cause any of those problems which are mentioned above. You can easily enjoy thousands of programs that are exclusively available on Netflix. Setting up SmartDNSProxy is also easy and we have given a detailed explanation on how to set it up on any device you want.
Now the next time you get an error that Netflix is not available in your country than just login to your SmartDNSProxy account and enjoy seamless entertainment for a very low price. And if you need any help just ask our 24/7 customer support and we will guide you through. Start now with 14-days free trial.