Netflix l November 12, 2014

Netflix on PS3; You need it and you know it.

There are some people who love gaming, some love movies and then there are some very cool people like me who love both. If you are of the third kind then I am sure that you understand the need of having Netflix on your console, console like the Playstation 3 (PS3). The other day I was playing Metal Gear Rising and was fighting this guy.
Metal Gear Rising
If you have played this game you would know how tough it is to beat this guy who also happens to be one of the biggest douchebags in the history of gaming. There were others too, but this guy was one huge pain in my neck (have to keep it PG-13). It took me 25 tries to beat this guy and guess who helped me…. Keanu Reeves. You read it right! It was NEO who helped me through.
Here is what happened, after my 12th try I decided to break my console and if it hadn’t been for Netflix I would have too. Instead, I decided I’ll take some time off and watch a movie. I love Keanu Reeves’s movies and co-incidentally 47 Ronin was on Netflix. I heard it got an average review but I decided to watch it anyways. It was because of the hack and slash and the indomitable win of Keanu Reeves inspired to go on. After the movie ended I geared up again and gave it another shot or I gave it another 13 shots. Finally, after the 25th try I beat the game. I can’t even express how happy I was and also sad that I need to go out more. I thanked Netflix, Keanu, and my friend who taught me how to setup Netflix on my Ps3 console.
This blog was supposed to be about how to set up Netflix on PS3 but I got a little carried away with my story. Moving on, now that I have highlighted the advantages of having Netflix with PS3, I am now going to teach you how to set it up, just follow the simple steps given below.
1.       Go to the home screen of your console and navigate to the TV/Video section.
2.       Select the Netflix icon.
a.       You are having trouble going to the home screen press PS button and then select Quit and then select Yes to return to the home screen.
3.       Select Sign in on the welcome screen (if you are not a member then set up your membership).
4.       This may prompt you to sign in to your PSN. Needless to say that you will have to sign in again.
5.       Enter your Netflix email and Password
6.       Presto! You’re in.
Wasn’t it easy? You have successfully connected to Netflix now the only downfall is that you may be living in a country that doesn’t have Netflix. That’s a bummer but don’t worry we also have you covered in that department. We have a detailed guide for your convenience which you can read here (How to setup Netflix on Ps3). Setting up Netflix on your Ps3 is as easy as eating pie. I know it’s an old metaphor but I can’t help it, I just spent this weekend with my grandparents.
If, for some absurd reason, you are still not convinced why you need Netflix on Ps3 or why you need Netflix at all. I have a million reasons to give you which will change your mind for sure. Netflix isn’t just about the movies; it’s also about the awesome exclusive series you can watch on it. I am going to list down five of my favorite shows which you can watch on Netflix.
1.       House of Cards
Everyone loves Kevin Spacey, the guy is an awesome actor and in the house of cards, he is no different. He plays Francis Underwood the main protagonist. His work in this show is nothing short of Phenomenal. 
2.       Orange is the new black.
Based on the true story of Piper Chapman who wrote a memoir of her money laundering days and her subsequent time in jail. This show is a comedy but tends to get heavy every now and then. It’s a must-watch.
3.       The Walking Dead
Though it’s not exclusive it’s of my favorite shows and when I found out it's being aired on Netflix I just had to put it up here. Andrew Lincoln’s performance in the show is electrifying.
4.       Sherlock
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s portrayal of Sherlock and Dr. Watson respectively is amazing. This show is not exclusive to Netflix but since its airing, you have to check it out. P.S Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock is better than Downey’s. You can disagree in the comments below.
5.       American Horror Story
This show is creepy. I would advise not watching it alone and keeping the lights on At.All.Times.
Well there you have it I have given you a lot of reasons to get Netflix on your Ps3. Don’t hesitate if you encounter an issue. Our 24/7 customer support will get you out of your troubles.