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8 best Amazon Fire TV Stick gadgets and accessories

Amazon Firestick is one the most popular streaming device in the planet earth. Simply, connect this device with HDMI port of any regular TV and it turns it into a smart TV, helping your browser, your favorite Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc.

While using the Firestick is not complex, there are few gadgets that enhance the productivity of Firestick. For example, this cheap OTG cable helps you attach a keyboard, mouse, power bank, and a pendrive. This HDMI Splitter helps you to connect Firestick with two TVs or even this VGA to HDMI adapter that lets you use your Firestick on old computer monitor that has no HDMI port.

The thing is there are a lot of cool Firestick accessories in the market, that will help you make most out of your Firestick. Let’s take a look at some of them that can make the most out of your Fire TV stick.

OTG cable

The first Firestick accessory that I’ll recommend to everyone is this cheap OTG Y-splitter cable. Even though the Firestick doesn’t have a USB port like Shield TV, you can still connect a pendrive to your Firestick using a USB OTG HUB for the Fire TV stick. And not just that pendrive, it also works with a keyboard. In my testing, Firestick didn’t support a mouse and big external HDD. SSD works though.

Here’s how it works. Take out the power cable from Firestick and connect this OTG cable instead. Next, connect the power cable to the micro USB slot of the OTG cable. And that’s about it.

Once everything is set up, you can insert a USB thumb drive into the Type A slot. You will be able to see the thumb drive in any file explorer app.

You can even run apps from USB with help of some commands. Let me know if that’s something you are interested in and I’ll do a separate video on that. Moving on.

Remote with keyboard

Another little-known Firestick accessory is this air mouse/keyboard that I bought on Amazon. It’s one of my favorite gadget and a life-saver. Here, check this out.

It has minimal remote buttons on one side and fully fledged keyboard on the other.

To get started, you just have to connect this Air mouse dongle with the 3 way USB OTG dongle of your Fire TV stick. Once done, now you can navigate freely on your Fire TV stick, the only caveat here is the lack of Alexa button on the remote which I am sure very few people use anyway. So, the air mouse works fine. It’s responsive and so is the keyboard. It’s useful when you have to type in those long login credentials for Netflix, Prime Video or you other services.


Got an old monitor with no HDMI port? Too bad you can’t use your Firestick with it. Well not really. You can buy this cheap VGA to HDMI converter from Amazon. or anything that looks like this and has good rating. As VGA doesn’t carry an audio signal there is a separate 3.5mm jack which you can use to connect your speakers. You would also have to plug the USB port to a USB port either on your monitor or using a smartphone charger.

Similarly, if your monitor or TV is really old and only has DVI or AV port (the one with white, red and yellow ports). In such cases, you can use HDMI to DVI or HDMI to AV connectors. I’ve done a detailed video on all of these with some troubleshooting. The links are in the description of the video.

Two-port HDMI Splitter

Next up, we have HDMI splitter. It’s not for everyone, but definitely interesting.

If you want to connect two TVs with your Firestick, then HDMI splitter is what you need. These connectors let you have two outputs, meaning you can connect your Fire TV Stick with other TVs and monitors in a different room. Of course, you'll need longer HDMI cables. Another caveat is that both TVs will just run the same content, you can’t control one Firestick independently on two displays. So, it only makes sense when you want to watch a same movie but in different rooms! Either way, check it out, link to it and all other accessories is in the description of the video.

Similarly, there is also HDMI switcher, which is completely opposite of HDMI splitter we just saw. I have a PS4 and a setup box plugged in all the time to my TV, which only has 2 HDMI ports, but if I want to add another peripheral like Firestick, it can be a problem but there are plenty of cheap HDMI splitters or switchers on the market like this one that lets you expand one HDMI port to two devices. Simply connect the Firestick and switch the signal between this and PS4. I use it quite often and it works great.

USB to Ethernet

If you have a slow Wi-Fi or dead Wi-Fi zones, try this Amazon's Ethernet adapter. Simply put, it’s an Ethernet adapter that lets you connect an Ethernet cable to the Fire TV stick. There are many Ethernet adapters for the Fire TV stick, I decided to go with the official Amazon version as it’s the most popular one.

Simply connect the cable to Firestick and power it on. To see if it is connected to the Ethernet go to Settings–>Network–>Configure Network. It will show on the right side of the screen if it is on Wired or Wireless. Clicking on Configure Network will test the connection.

Bluetooth TWS

Another Firestick accessory is Bluetooth earphones, which I’m sure you might already have but not necessary using it.  If you don’t know already, your Fire TV Stick has Bluetooth which means you can also pair your wireless Bluetooth earphones to it. That gives you the independence to watch movies and TV shows without bothering anyone in the house or other members sleeping next to you.

Pretty much all Bluetooth ones work, but I use the AirPods. Simply put it in paring mode, go to Firestick Bluetooth setting, connect to it. The only caveat is that you won’t be able to control volume level on AirPods, as it has no such buttons, but I did a workaround video for that, which I’ll link in the cards. Moving on.

Amazon Echo Dot

Another useful Firestick gadget is the Echo Dot. I guess, most of you already have it, so I’ll keep it short and if you want, you can watch a full video on how to use and connect Echo with Firestick. Just find it in the YouTube cards.

In short, if you have an Echo device, you can use any of them to control your Fire TV stick like this:

Hey Alexa, play “The Office”

As of now, this command only works for Amazon Prime Video. Alexa cannot search on other apps like Netflix or YouTube.

Hay Alexa, find “The Dark Knight Rises”

90-180 Degree HDMI Male to Female

And finally, we have this HDMI male to female adapter. This comes in handy when your HDMI port is hard to reach on your TV, especially when it wall-mounted and you don't have much room for a cord to stick straight out from the TV, or when you don’t want to bend your HDMI cables excessively. It’s a simple device, cost $2 and works great!

So, there you go, these were some of the accessories and gadgets to make the most out of your Fire TV Stick; taking about getting most out of something, also check out SmartDNSProxy[dot]com. SDP helps you unblock geo-restrictions on sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime which most of you use on Fire TV stick and many others for just $5 a month. There is also a free 14-day free trial.

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