10 Best Online Video Streaming Websites to Bookmark for Amazing Binge-Watching Experience

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Watching Movies or Series is an immediate stress buster. Over the last few years, Binge watching has become the number one hobby of people globally right after fishing and golfing. But sometimes the effort that goes into trying to watch videos makes the whole experience cringeworthy and painful rather than enjoyable. Sluggish downloading speeds make it impossible for anyone to enjoy their viewing experience and frankly it has become a hassle to download the video first, then watching it.

Viewers nowadays enjoy a spontaneous and instant viewing experience which is not possible with downloading. That is why streaming is the “it” things nowadays. Online streaming is preferred by majority of internet users simply because it saves a ton of downloading time and the spontaneity of it, all you need to do is to find the video you want to watch and click “Play”. Because streaming is so popular, everyone is trying to jump on the “Streaming Bandwagon”.

With many websites coming out each day claiming they provide the best viewing experience, it has become bemusing for netizens to figure out which one should they go for. Look no further, as we have compiled a perfect list for you all. Below are the 10 best online video streaming websites that provide the best user experience, excellent quality and offer the most latest video content available online.

1 – Hulu & Hulu Plus:

Hulu is right there with Netflix as it has an impressive library of thousands of different TV shows, movies, videos and much more. It is however only accessible to users in America and Japan. You can catch up on any shows that you might have missed in HD Quality on Hulu as its offers a seamless and smooth streaming experience.

2 – HBO Go & Now:

HBO Go without a doubt offers one of the best streaming experiences. It is a godsend for HBO lovers as they can enjoy their favorite HBO shows on the go from their Android Devices, Tablets, iPhones and iPads. Accessibility on other Internet TV friendly devices like Roku and Xbox has earned HBO Go extra brownie points but the downside to this service is that all of its content is HBO specific. It doesn’t boast a library of thousands of TV shows.

3 – Amazon Prime:

Everyone is familiar with Amazon and its huge staggering market, be it be online shopping or online video streaming services. Amazon Prime has one of the largest libraries of movies and TV shows available online and the best part is that they offer a 30 day free trial so you can try the service before you subscribe to it. Amazon Prime has become especially popular with the children for its kid-friendly content like Dora the Explorer, Blue’s Clues etc. courtesy of Nickelodeon.

4 – Watch ABC:

If you are a fan of ABC’s shows (and who isn’t) then this is the only service you need to satisfy your binge watching cravings. Who doesn’t like to bask in the sweet glory of Shondaland. Well, No more worrying about missing your favorite ABC shows as you can watch it live on the go with ABC’s mobile application.

5 – Crackle:

Crackle promises the latest and the greatest TV shows and movies of all times and it delivers just that. Crackle offers some amazing features like parental control meaning you can lock the content for your young ones. It also provides alerts features that lets you know when your favorite show is updated, returns or premieres. Crackle is accessible on many devices like Roku, Android, Apple TV, PS3, iPhone, iPads etc. so the subscriber never misses a show. Most important of all? Crackle is an absolutely free service so you get to watch your favorite shows paying absolutely nothing.

6 – CWTV:

CWTV offers free seamless streaming of its award winning shows. The content is CW limited but the shows CWTV offers are a mountain of entertainment in themselves (Supernatural, Jane The Virgin, Arrow etc.) so simply visit the website and hit play to watch your favorite CW shows without any hassle of registering yourself or logging in.

7 – proudly boasts about its large library of TV shows and latest blockbusters. The quality of videos is amazing and the streaming experience is very smooth. You will find everything on this site from the old classics to the latest releases and every genre from romance to chick flicks and thrillers. What makes Blinkbox different from many of the streaming services online is their “Pay as you Watch” feature. There is no subscription fee or a monthly fee; you only pay for what you watch. You can either rent your favorite videos or buy them; each option has its own attractions. You can access Blinkbox on a number of devices for e.g. Android Devices, iPhones, iPads, PlayStation, Xbox 360 etc.

8 – NBC:

NBC provides HD streaming of all its shows on its website. You don’t need to register or make an account to access your favorite shows. Your favorite online shows are simply a click away with NBC’s official website. You can also find the complete schedule, previews and behind the scene footage of all NBC shows on the website. You can also download NBC’s mobile app for seamless viewing experience on your mobile phones.

9 – BlockBuster on Demand:

Blockbuster on Demand which is better known as Sling TV is your TV on the move. It has over 65 live TV channels that you can watch at all times on a variety of devices which includes ChromeCast, AndroidTV, Roku, iPads, iPhones etc. You can enjoy a free 7 day trial after which you will be requested to pay for the services.

10 - Cinema Now:

Cinema Now is an online movie and TV streaming service. It is hands down the largest streaming service and enjoys the reputation of an Industry Leader when it comes to the Online Streaming World. You can both rent and buy your favorite movies and TV series on Cinema Now. They also introduce exciting time limited offers occasionally.

Bookmark these websites right away, grab a quilt and start a Bingewatching marathon with a jar of Nutella and endless supply of Coffee.

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