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HBO Now June Lineup: Game of Thrones & More Awesome Titles to Watch

Every month, a hundred of movies and TV shows appear globally – and millions are watching those hundreds with every hour that passes by. Thanks to global media and online streaming services like Netflix, who make it possible to binge-watch variety of movies and TV shows at leisure. But, Netflix is not Alone in this game!

HBO Now, a standalone streaming service by HBO cable network is pacing up quite impressively. With original series like Game of Thrones, Veep and Silicon Valley – HBO Now is among the most-tuned online streaming channel. And that’s just the beginning!

HBO Now June Lineup: Must-Watch Shows & Movies

June brings a lot of new TV shows and movies to HBO Now, plus season finales, but it’s also losing some very popular titles too. The best about this June is; we’ll have season finales of globally appreciated shows “Game of Thrones”, “Silicon Valley” and “Veep”. In addition to this, HBO Now is updating its “Saturday Night Movies” catalogue to add award-winning hits. 

Out of many, we have handpicked some very best titles from HBO catalogue. It includes everything that can surely give you energy boost in your weekends.

Season Finales to Watch
We tried to trim down this list, but we couldn’t do it, as all the finales are important to us. And we’re so sure that all of you are equally curious to for the finales.

• Game of Thrones, Season 5
Season’s finale is on the 14th of June. But in case you have missed any episode, you can still watch it before the finale.

• Veep, Season 4
Season’s finale is on the 14th of June.

• Silicon Valley, Season 2
Season’s finale is on the 14th of June.

• Vice, Season 3
Season’s finale is on the 26th of June.

New Original Premieres to Watch
HBO Now has got the intentions to busy your weekends too. Here are the Original series you can watch this June.

• The Brink, Season 1
• True Detective, Season 2
• Ballers, Season 1

“Fathers Day” with Originals – a perfect combination.

And other new arrivals…

And that’s now just it. We have so many other movies and TV shows to watch this month – so quickly skim over the list and add the titles in your watch list today.


June 1, 2015
• Armageddon
• Enemy of the State
• Monty Python's Meaning of Life
• Shallow Hal
• Superman Returns
• Wedding Crashers

June 6, 2015
• The Judge

June 13, 2015
• Get on Up

June 14, 2015
• Game of Thrones, Season 5 season finale
• Silicon Valley, Season 2 season finale
• Veep, Season 4 season finale
• Vice, Season 3 season finale

June 20, 2015
• Gone Girl

June 21, 2015
• Ballers, series premiere
• The Brink, series premiere
• True Detective, Season 2 premiere

June 27, 2015
• John Wick (2014)

Some titles are leaving too…

This month is all about finales and new titles – but not to forget that just like every month, some titles are leaving too. Below is the list of titles that are leaving HBO Now this June. So watch before their license expires.

• King Kong – Expiring on June, 26
• The Heat – Expiring on June, 28
• 300: Rise of an Empire – Expiring on June, 30
• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Expiring on June, 30
• Rush Hour – Expiring on June, 30
• Scary Movie – Expiring on June, 30
• Star Trek: First Contact – Expiring on June, 30
• The Untouchables – Expiring on June, 30

This month is about everything – action, drama, thriller and comedy. So don’t miss a single title if you love to binge watch.

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