Unblock Websites l February 18, 2015

How to unblock ESPN PLAY outside US

Countries have been plagued by geo-restriction and have blocked content which is preferred by their citizens. The reason of this blockage may vary but whatever the reasons may be, these restrictions hinder the fans by depriving them of their favorite content which may consists of a website or their favorite channel.
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As time has progressed, channels have invested a lot of money in making their shows available for streaming online. The reason behind this is that people nowadays spend more time on the internet than in front of their televisions. But there is a catch to it, most of the channels don’t allow their content to be available outside their desired regions. For e.g. Netflix doesn’t allow its services outside Americas and some regions of Europe.
Unblock ESPN Play and ESPN Go outside USA
ESPN Sports has launched its own application called the ESPN Play which is available for download on ESPN play offers you all the live streaming of your favorite sports, whether it be NBA, NHL, Cricket or Football you can tune in to the match on the Go.
But there is a downside to it, in order to watch the game you will have to be located in the USA. If not then you will not be able to watch the game at all. Fortunately for Smart DNS Proxy you can mask your current IP to that of the USA and watch all your favorite matches online. In short Smart DNS Proxy lets you unblock ESPN Play and the ESPN Go app outside USA.
Unblocking ESPN Play with Smart DNS Proxy outside USA is easy all you have to do is go to our ‘Sign Up’ page and get our subscription. You won’t need to install any kind of software and setting up the Smart DNS Proxy is easy. We will guide you through each step via our ‘How to Setup’ page. Once you have setup Smart DNS Proxy you will have unblocked ESPN Play and ESPN Go application outside USA.
Though there are many other alternatives which are also free, you can also use a proxy service which will enable you to access ESPN Play but will also make you vulnerable to hackers. We wouldn’t recommend you to go down that path. The other solution is a VPN, which will also enable you to access ESPN Play’s content but because of its encryption you will not enjoy the slow streaming speeds.
Smart DNS Proxy on the other hand works in a different way. It will help you in unblocking ESPN Play and the ESPN Go app outside USA with the help of a DNS server address which you will enter the network settings of your device. This will separate the traffic from the rest of you internet browsing and enable you in unblocking ESPN Play and ESPN go outside USA with optimum security and blazing speeds.
But that’s not all you Smart DNS proxy also gives you complete accessibility by giving you the authority to setup Smart DNS Proxy on any of your device. You can enjoy ESPN Play and ESPN Go on any one of the following devices, desktops, android Smartphone, iPhone, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and so on, without worrying about installation hassle.
With optimum speeds and security Smart DNS Proxy will let you access your favorite shows on ESPN Play and ESPN Go outside USA without any hassle. So get on board with the Smart DNS Proxy and enjoy ESPN Play and ESPN GO outside USA.