American Netflix

Want to watch your favourite TV series or catch a movie on American Netflix but can’t open the home page? Well, like Netflix US there are many other sites such as Hulu, BBC among others which are not accessible outside their domestic boundaries.

Smart  DNS Proxy, an innovative method to unblock US Netflix and similar other US streaming sites, helps access the regional restricted websites from anywhere in the world at the service provider’s speed and without much changes to the device settings.

How does it work:

Smart DNS Proxy changes the DNS settings on the device and reroutes the traffic via certain gateway to give an impression of the user accessing the data locally. This allows getting past a firewall for accessing blocked websites.

Advantages of using Smart DNS

·       It works on a range of devices such as Windows, Mac, Apple TV, iOS, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Roku etc.

·       It doesn’t encrypt the connection or hide the IP but simply changes the DNS servers on the device to unblock the regional sites like American Netflix. That way the internet connection speed is not affected. You always get the best possible HD quality streaming.

·       It allows watching limitless US or UK TV shows, listen to US or UK audio, watch movies from restricted sites at the internet service provider’s original speed.

·       It’s easy and simple to use. By modifying certain network options which takes less than a minute or just a few clicks, the technology is set on the device.

·       It provides an economical and viable option for accessing premium streaming services.

and best of all It's FREE!

In the wake of its simplicity and utility, Smart DNS Proxy has been rapidly gaining popularity to unblock sites which are restricted by local or national firewall.

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