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Facebook Logo Many countries and networks are blocking social media, mainly Facebook. Now unblocking facebook is very simple with Smart DNS Proxy. It's free and takes few minutes to sign-up, setup your pc or mobile devices.

There are many websites that are geo-blocked for various reasons. They often include social media which have become the fastest-growing information and communication platform around the world. The problem is mainly connected with the countries that have a problem with democracy and believe that wide access to global information may be destructive towards their own rules. Social media have proved to be the most powerful tool that can be used to push people to action, not just a communication channel.

The truth is that such countries are in the direst need of the information access and it actually allows them to communicate what is currently going on. Such access also enables the rest of the world to have an insight into their situation (which is often very dramatic). Facebook is just one of the social media sites with such a wide range of recipients (other including e.g. Twitter or Google+). That is why unblocked access to such sites is often crucial.

Except for political gagging, you may come across a simple situation of not being able to contact your friends or co-workers while being on a business trip to one of such countries. This situation may effectively lock you out of the rest of the world or even prevent you from working. We are living in the world where instant information is a must. Our service is a solution to all those problems. Now unblocking Facebook is very simple with Smart DNS Proxy. It's free and takes a few minutes to sign-up, setup your PC or mobile devices.

How to Unblock Facebook?

Smart DNS Proxy is a special DNS service that can not only unblock facebook but also unblock many other social media services like twitter, and google+. You can find all unblocked services here.

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