How to Unblock American TV Channels Outside the US on Amazon Fire TV

What is Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon Fire TV is the new digital media player released by the world famous brand in April 2014 - for the low price of about $100 (depending on where you live). It is a convenient little entertainment device and network appliance which is capable of streaming digital audio and video content directly to your HD TV.

So What Does Amazon Fire TV Do?

Amazon Fire TV allows users to combines all their favorite streaming services and subscriptions with Amazon's HUGE selection of digital content. It basically allows you to watch over 200,000 movies and TV episodes OR rent videos from just 99 cents OR simply let you keep up to date with the new releases of all of your favorite news, music, sports and gaming applications.

List Of American TV Channels Available on Amazon Fire TV

There is an absolutely HUGE list of TV Channels and applications available for Amazon Fire TV, so below we have only listed the more popular channels you have most likely heard of before - but be aware… there are plenty more!

·       Vimeo

·       Hulu Plus

·       Flixster

·       Showtime Anytime

·       Smithsonian Channel

·       Plex


·       YouTube

·       Crackle

·       Netflix

·       AOL On

·       Docurama

·       Red Bull TV

·       Classic TV

·       Manga

·       MBC On Demand

·       Hollywood Ticker

·       Hasbro Studios

·       All Fitness TV

·       Kino Lorber

·       Watch ESPN Vevo

·       iHeartRadio

·       TuneIn Radio

·       NBA Game Time

·       ACC Digital Network

·       Pandora

·       RealPlayer Cloud

·       DailyBurn

·       FitYou

·       HuffPost Live

Why Can’t I Use Amazon Fire TV to Stream Content Outside The USA (American Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Vimeo, WWE, etc)

If you have ever tried to watch your favorite American TV Channels or visit certain websites with your Amazon Fire TV when you are overseas or not located in your natural place of residence, then you will have noticed that you will be blocked from viewing content OR only given limited access. 

This is because of all the American Channels and websites you are trying to visit with your Amazon Fire TV contain Region Restricted Content that is only allowed to be viewed, downloaded or streamed by people who live within permitted regions for viewing. This means if you live in countries such as Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada, etc. you will be blocked UNLESS you use a proxy server to bypass regional restrictions... And Smart DNS Proxy is by far the best method for viewing region restricted content and unblocking blocked websites.

Why Smart DNS Proxy is Better than VPN to Watch Region Restricted Content and Unblock Blocked Websites

To the average Internet user, a VPN and Smart DNS Proxy seems to be the same thing as they both allow you to stream or view region-restricted content… HOWEVER there are many different operating factors and performance issues which separate the two- with Smart DNS Proxy being the fastest and best option to view/stream/download region restricted content.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are outdated and old technology which means VPN’s are slower than Smart DNS Proxy to watch region restricted content and unblock blocked content.

If you are using a VPN to connect to a website containing region restricted content, this means you are essentially sending ALL of your Network Traffic through that Virtual Private Network in order for you to gain access to 1 website… So when you are sending ALL of your Internet traffic through a VPN this means your whole device is affected and you are ultimately going to end up with a very slow and poor quality stream (or download) from the website.

Using A Smart DNS Proxy Server with Your Amazon Fire TV To Watch Blocked Content. Get A FREE 14 day Trial NOW!

If you live outside the permitted regions for viewing your favorite American TV Shows and progrrammes with your new Amazon Fire TV… DON’T WORRY! You can still unblock all of your favorite content using Smart DNS Proxy.

All you have to do is visit the Sign Up Page and get your FREE 14 day trial.

Smart DNS Proxy - are the world leaders when it comes to Smart DNS Proxy Servers and our easy installation process will have you watching all of your favorite American Television Shows, Movies and Specialty Programming (such as WWE, MTV, VH1, etc.) in only a few minutes!

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