How to Unblock US Websites for Free?

What is The Best Solution to Unblock US Websites, HD video and Music Streaming Services from Any Country in The World?

Smart DNS Proxy is the fastest and most secure way for you to unblock US websites and anonymously stream digital content online. Smart DNS proxy can be installed on most Internet capable devices which means you can unblock and stream region restricted US content on your PC, Laptop, Apple TV, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, Gaming Console, Smart Phone, Smart TV, Android device, Kindle and most other Internet capable devices.

Smart DNS Proxy can also be used to unblock blocked websites in - and from any country including:

·       Canada
·       Ireland
·       Germany
·       United States
·       United Kingdom
·       Spain
·       South Africa
·       South Korea
·       Switzerland
·       Mexico
·       United Arab Emirates
·       Australia
·       New Zealand
·       + many more

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No Credit Card Needed, 100% Free for 14 days.

Smart DNS Proxy is without a doubt, the best way to stream movies, music and any other type of digital content found on Geo-blocked/Regional-Restricted Websites.

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Is it Safe to Use Free/Random DNS Proxy Codes I Find Online to Unblock US Websites?

Is it safe to use Free/Random DNS As we have just established above, using a Smart DNS proxy service is the best possible way to unblock US websites. However, using free DNS Codes which you randomly find online is not a very good idea. The Internet is flooded with random (usually free) DNS codes being advertised as suitable methods to unblock regional blocked websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, WWE, MTV, VH1, etc.

But you should ALWAYS BEWARE of Random DNS Proxy Codes you find online as there are many risks associated with using free/random DNS Proxy Codes. These important points have been outlined for you below.


Key Dangers When Using Free/Random DNS Proxy Codes to Unblock Regional Restricted American Websites

Danger Free/Random DNS Proxy Codes

·       Potential Invasion of Privacy. When installing free DNS Codes onto your device, you could also be installing malware which is used track or steal specific data about yourself. A reputable and legal DNS Proxy Service provider (such as Smart DNS Proxy) will always make sure your personal data is secure at all times and never track your movements online.

·       Poor Streaming Quality and Performance Issues. When using free/random dns codes you find online, there is a very good chance that you will connected to a proxy server which is overloaded. This is ultimately going to give you a very poor feed/stream from the blocked website you are trying to gain access to.   

·       Lack of Technical Support. It is almost certain that the free/random DNS codes you find online will not be accompanied with any type of customer/technical support. So there will basically be nobody there to help you when your device no longer functions correctly as a result of those “free DNS codes” you installed.

·       Bad/Frustrating User Experience. When using free DNS Codes, you may need to constantly search the Internet to fetch new DNS codes when your random dns codes expire or are no longer working. This can be an extremely frustrating task at times and leave you feeling very disappointed about your choice to use those free DNS codes you found online.

Is it Safe to Sign Up and Use a Free Trial of a Paid DNS Proxy Server Service?

YES, absolutely! Yes, Paid DNS Proxy Server is Safe

Signing up for a free trial period with a premium Smart DNS Proxy Server service (such as is totally safe and legitimate. All you are doing is signing up to use their paid/premium service for a period of time which is free. After the agreed Free DNS Proxy trial period is over, you will then have the option to pay the small monthly fee OR you can simply quit using their DNS Proxy Servers to unblock blocked websites.

But with a very small monthly fee of less than $5/per month and an initial 14 day Free trial period, you will find that the best and easiest option to unblock US websites in clear HD quality, is to:

·       Not use Free/Random DNS Proxy Codes you find online.

Sign up for a free trial to use a premium/paid Smart DNS Proxy Server service


Free solution to Unblock US websites, HD video and music streaming services!

Smart DNS Proxy provides special technology to manupulate your dns queries with it's dns proxy network. So you can unblock any US websites. It's faster than VPN and works with any device; PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone & Tablet, as well as Smart TV and gaming consoles like XBOX365 or PlayStation.

Here you can find some of the US services and websites that are unblocked.

Youtube Facebook Netflix Online Movies Hulu ABC CBS Pandora Music Rdio Music
Youtube Facebook Netflix Hulu ABC CBS Pandora Rdio


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