How To Watch Hulu In Canada (and other countries other than the US)

Hulu is a content streaming website and OTT (over-the-top) subscription service that offers free and paid options for viewing all of the latest Movies, TV shows, Webisodes, Documentaries + other Digital Media Content from TBS, FOX, ABC, NBC and various different US Networks and Television studios. But unfortunately for many people who live in Canada and other countries around the world, all digital content available for streaming on is ‘region-restricted content’ and is intended for viewing by people in who live in the USA only.

However if you want to stream content from Hulu in Canada or in any other country other than the USA, you can bypass these regional restrictions by using a Proxy Server.

Why Can’t I Watch Hulu (Plus) In Canada?

You cannot watch in Canada (or anywhere else other than the US), or stream/watch any of their content because of their ‘IP identification’ system. This ‘IP-ID’ system can determine the geographical location of people trying to access their website. The IP address of the device being used when trying to view or stream content from contains specific data and information that indicates which country you are currently in.  But as mentioned above, the way to get around these regional restrictions so you can bypass the ‘IP Identification system’ is to use a Proxy Server.

How To Watch Hulu (Plus) In Canada Using A Proxy Server

The best way for you to gain access to all of the features and exclusive content that has to offer is to use a Smart DNS Proxy service. A dns proxy server will basically change your Canadian IP address to an American IP address as it intercepts and transmits data/information between your computer and the website. This will then give you full access to all of the features and content available to normal users of - who actually live in the United States of America.

Smart DNS Proxy: The Best Way To Watch/Stream Content From If You Live In Canada (or anywhere else other than the US

The best way to guarantee excellent quality streaming so you can view content with fast speed loading and in high resolution is to use a Smart DNS Proxy. A Smart DNS Proxy is much better to use than VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) to gain access to region restricted content because only the information/data needed to verify your geographical location is being sent through the Proxy. This doesn’t include any of your normal internet usage or the actual stream itself coming from the website.

Using a Smart DNS Proxy to access and view/stream content from Hulu if you live in Canada (or any country other than the USA) also ensures that your device maintains a high internet speed - which ultimately results in a higher quality stream and a much better viewing experience.

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