How To Watch Netflix USA In the UK

Netflix USA in UKThe American version of Netflix undeniably has the Internets largest collection of popular Movies, TV Programs and Digital Media Content available for streaming. However, all content available on US Netflix is ‘region-restricted content’ and can only be viewed by users who actually live within that region – UNLESS you use a proxy server to bypass these regional restrictions. 

You’re about to learn how you can watch Netflix USA in the UK and you’ll also find out the best method for gaining access to all of the latest Movies, Television Programs and Digital Media that US Netflix has to offer.

Why Can’t I Watch American Netflix If I Live In The UK?

You cannot watch or stream movies (and other content) from Netflix USA if you live in the UK because you do not live within the specific region (USA) where permission to stream content has been granted. Netflix USA will identify the IP address of any device attempting to stream content from their website to determine the location of that user. 

If you happen to live in the UK or outside of the USA region, then access to stream content from Netflix USA will be blocked or restricted to you. UNLESS you use a proxy server which can hide, mask or change your IP address. 

How To Use A Proxy To Watch Or Stream Netflix USA When You Live In The UK

The best way for you to gain access to the region restricted content on Netflix USA (if you live in the UK) is to use a Proxy Server. A proxy server will basically change your UK IP address to an American IP address as it intercepts and relays information sent between you and the Netflix website. This will then allow you to gain access to all of the latest movies and exclusive content only found on American Netflix.  

Smart DNS Proxy: The Best Way To Watch Netflix US In The UK

The best way to guarantee high quality streaming of content from Netflix USA (if you live in the UK or in other restricted regions) is to use a Smart DNS Proxy. A Smart DNS Proxy is much better to use than VPN's (Virtual Private Networks) because only the information and traffic required to determine your geographical location is being re-routed or sent through the Proxy. This doesn't include the actual video stream itself (from Netflix USA) or any of your normal internet usage. Using a Smart DNS Proxy also ensures you keep a high internet speed which ultimately results in you receiving a higher quality stream (and higher quality viewing) from American Netflix.

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