How to Watch/Unblock Showtime ( Outside the US

What is Showtime? (

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Showtime is the popular American cable TV service which features some of the most watched program series and motion picture movies being released from the US (United States). And as of January 2012, Showtime’s programming reaches approximately 21.3 million subscribers within the United States.

Some of the entertaining and exclusive content which can be found on the official Showtime website include:

All of the latest big-screen movies + a fully comprehensive movie library. Watch all of the latest movies from The Weinstein Company, Miramax Films, DreamWorks Pictures, CBS Films, First Look Pictures, IFC Films, THINKFilm, Anchor Bay Entertainment, MGM, Sony Pictures, Paramount, and Disney. This includes famous films such as films as Pulp Fiction, Iron Man, Nine, All Good Things and Quentin Tarantino’s magnificent Kill Bill series.

Exclusive Sports programming. Watch Inside NASCAR, events produced by M-1 Global, and the Russian PTC company of popular Strikeforce fighter Fedor Emelianenko.

Popular American TV Shows and Sitcoms. Series as Dexter, Weeds, Dead Like Me, Californication, Homeland, Nurse Jackie, The Tudors, Shameless, Soul Food, Queer as Folk, The L Word, The Big C and United States of Tara

Exclusive SHOWTIME Comedy Specials. Watch all of the latest Showtime comedy specialty programming such as full live shows from your favorite stand-up comedians such as Kevin Hart. PLUS popular TV shows such as Nurse Jackie and Californication.

How to Bypass Geo-Restrictions and Watch Showtime: Unblock

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Unfortunately for most of us reading this article, contains (Geo-blocked or Regional Blocked) content which is unavailable for viewing or streaming outside the US. The official website can detect where a user is located in the world when trying to stream and watch content - based on the unique IP address which is attached to the device being used. (Read more about IP restrictions and Geo-blocking)

HOWEVER, is specifically designed to bypass geo-blocking and unblock regional restricted websites - which means you can unblock SHOWTIME (plus many more regional blocked websites like Netflix, Hulu, WWE Network, etc). from any country in the world! When you visit any regional blocked website using Smart DNS Proxy, you will be granted full access to stream and watch all of the latest content found on (Showtime).

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