Learn How to Unblock American (US) Websites in Australia

Consumer Group says “Australians are Being Treated as Second-Class Digital Citizens” 

Consumer Group Encourages Australians to Use Proxy Servers to Watch Popular US TV Channels and Websites Blocked for Streaming in Australia

CHOICE - Australia's leading Consumer organisation CHOICE (formerly known as the Australian Consumers Association) has recently concluded that Australians are currently being ‘ripped-off’ when it comes to viewing the latest American Movies, TV Shows, Sitcoms and most other US produced entertainment. When comparing the Netflix subscription price and products with the closest options available for residents of Australia, CHOICE campaign director Matt Levey said “Australians are basically being treated as ‘second-class digital citizens’.

Netflix LogoAnd as many Australian movie-lovers already know, popular movie streaming websites like the US version of Netflix.com and Hulu.com are still unavailable for almost every other Country outside the USA. A spokesperson for the CHOICE Consumer Group also said, “We would just like to see an end to digital discrimination against Australian consumers". The Aussie consumer group also encouraged all Australians to take advantage of the latest online technological advancements and use a cost efficient service called a Smart DNS Proxy Server (or VPN) to bypass the Geo-Blocks/Regional Restrictions. A proxy server service will pretty much allow Australian residents the same ‘viewing pleasures’ as people located within the United States of America.


IP Identification: How American Websites Block Australian Users from Streaming Exclusive US Based Content Online

The majority of extremely popular US based Websites all contain region restricted content which is Geo-Blocked for viewing in Australia. This means if you live in Australia (or you are currently located in Australia), when you visit a site like Netflix.com or Hulu.com, you will be greeted with the following messages below:

Geo Bocked for viewing in Australia

From Within the United States


Why You Cannot Watch US Netflix in Australia: The Basics of How Geo-Blocking Works

Description: IP Address IdentificationEvery single device connected to the internet has something called an IP Address. This IP Address is unique to each device and it contains specific data relating to the geographical location of a particular device when it is being used to access the Internet.

When you visit a US based website which contains regional restricted content such as Netflix, your IP address is identified by the website before you are granted permission to view/stream content on that site. When you live in Australia, your IP address will be recognized as not being in the permitted zone for viewing, therefore you will end up with the ever frustrating Netflix Geo-Blocked message which says “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet”.

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Proxy Servers: How Australians Can Bypass Regional Restrictions and Unblock Blocked Websites

Description: https://www.practiceedge.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/green-tick.jpgAs already stated above, the Australian consumer group CHOICE has encouraged Australians to utilize the services of a global Proxy Server provider, in order to bypass Geo-Blocks/Regional Restrictions and keep up-to-date with all of the latest content coming out of the US.

The Australian Consumer Group CHOICE also pointed out that using a Proxy Server to access blocked content is not illegal as there are currently no laws governing the use of proxy servers to bypass regional restrictions set by specific websites.

The legality and laws regarding the use of VPNs and DNS Proxy servers to access content is still a very grey area with no definite boundaries. Using a US based Proxy to sign up for Netflix while residing in Australia could be considered a violation of the terms of service set by Netflix. So essentially, Netflix could technically cancel your subscription BUT at this early stage, Netflix seems somewhat unfazed and unconcerned by Australians using a Proxy Server service to buy subscriptions and stream content as Netflix ultimately sees more profit through the addition of more subscribers – no matter where they come from in the world.


Using a Proxy Server Service Will Save Australians Money When Viewing US Entertainment/Content Online: Watch More US Movies and TV Shows and Pay Much Less

Description: https://ilovewerribee.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Australian-Money.jpgIn the US, a Subscription to Netflix will cost you around $7.99 per month and will give you access to stream some of the most popular TV shows ever made including Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, House of Cards, and Arrested Development for example. There is also a huge selection of Back catalogues for most series which are available for instantaneous viewing at any time. Netflix.com is simply one of the biggest and best known websites for streaming the most popular TV Shows.

In Australia, a subscription to Quickflix (The Aussie alternative to Netflix) costs about $15 to $35 AUD per month. Then on top of that initial charge, you will still need to pay extra to watch some of the movies and TV shows on the site. The other popular Cable/American Network provider in Australia, FOXTEL will cost you a massive $72 AUD per month for their premium package.

Watch Netflix in Australia: Smart DNS Proxy Server is The Best Way to Unblock Blocked US Websites and Stream Content in Perfect HD Quality – AND From any Device!

Description: Smart DNS Proxy Devices

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WARNING! Do Not Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to Stream Regional Restricted Content from Blocked US Websites

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