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How to get access and unblock blocked sites? 

Smart DNS Proxy is a free service to unblock us and global blocked websites as well as HD video and music streaming services!

Here you can find some of the web sites and services you can access & unblock.

Youtube Facebook Netflix Online Movies Hulu ABC CBS Pandora Music Rdio Music
Youtube Facebook Netflix Hulu ABC CBS Pandora Rdio


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Geo-blocking is a common practice around the world now. Despite the fact that it obviously quarrels with the idea of global access to the web resources, there are various, mainly legal, circumstances that prevent content from being available across the world. Licensing agreements and copyright laws put restrictions to movies, shows, music etc., which effectively limits the possibilities of accessing the same content from various locations.

We are still quite far away from the situation when everyone will have equal access to all resources available on the Internet. Looking at the political situation nowadays and financial circumstances of today’s business, it seems highly improbable that such situation will ever occur.

You might ask yourself a question: if I pay the fee and have access to what is actually called WORLD WIDE WEB, why can’t I watch or listen to whatever I want? Or, if I travel abroad, why should my access be limited? If I can legally go physically to another country and watch TV there, why can’t I do it online?

There seems to be no good answer to these questions. Luckily, there is a solution. This solution is Smart DNS Proxy – the service which will help you overcome all those issues with its exceptional technology and knowledge of people who devoted their lives to making sure that no one is going to restrict your Internet freedom.

Our service is very simple to use and easy to setup. Once it's set your regular internet usage doesn't change. Everything will be the same except you will have access to the websites which you we not able to get in before.

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