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USA Proxy with Smart DNS Proxy provides you to access USA websites, video & music streaming services. 

The idea of using proxy servers is that they “mask” your original IP. On the other hand, a VPN solution sends your traffic through the servers which are situated at particular locations additionally encrypting all data. It is a very secure solution, however, the slight cost that you have to pay for the privilege is the speed. Therefore, Smart DNS solution is faster and more convenient for everyday use.

American streaming platforms are famous for their variety of content that they offer. The biggest TV stations, movie and music streaming services can found there and it is not surprising that a lot of people from the outside feel envious about the plethora of offers available within the US.

The US services have always lured us with spectacular Hollywood movie productions, amazing TV shows and exciting sports events. So far, those who happen to live outside the US could only have a “second-hand” experience relying only on their local TV stations and online services which make their own choices on what seems to be interesting to see.

We want you to have a full control of what you want to watch or listen to. We offer you a dedicated US-based proxy servers which enable you to access US-based websites otherwise unavailable from other locations. It is faster than regular VPN or any proxy on the internet. There is no connection or disconnection needed.

Once you setup your PC with Smart DNS Proxy, you are always good to go and reach any USA websites with it's USA Proxy technology. It also supports any kind of internet device; PC, MAC, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android Table or Phones, as well as Smart TV & gaming consoles. You can even setup Smart DNS on your router and every device connected to your router benefits from our usa proxy service to reach any us content online.

Here some of the examples of websites you can reach from USA:

Youtube Facebook Netflix Online Movies
Youtube Facebook Netflix
Pandora Music Rdio Music  
Pandora Rdio  









Click here to see all US websites & services that are unblocked.

Also social media websites of and are accesable through our usa proxy.

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