How To Unblock Blocked Website

Unblock WebsiteWith most major networks and broadcasting networks now choosing to stream most (in not all) of their premium content online, Internet capable devices such as your laptop, PC, Smartphone, Gaming Console, etc. are how most people now chose to view/watch their entertainment. However, the most frustrating experience of all for any Internet user trying to watch something they really want online, has to be the regional restrictions (or geo-blocking) which is increasingly being placed on most digital media being released online these days.



IP Identification and Regional Blocking: The Reason Why you Can’t Access Your Favorite Website

Hugely popular digital media broadcasting websites such as,, WWE Network, HBO Go, Sky Go,, etc. is because these websites contain Regional-Blocked (or Geo-Blocked) content which is only supposed to be viewed by Internet users who live within a specified area or location.  Websites are able to detect where you are currently located when trying to access their content because every single device connected to the internet has a unique IP (internet protocol) address. This IP address is sent to any website you visit (with your request to view its exclusive content) so that website then knows exactly where to send the requested content. (Read more about Regional/Geo-Blocked Content).

Should I Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a Smart DNS Proxy Server to Bypass Regional Restrictions Online?

This is a question often asked by those wishing to unblock Geo-Blocked or Regional blocked content online.  The answer is –

Unblock Website with Smart DNS ProxyA Smart DNS Proxy Server is without a doubt the Best Way to bypass IP blocking systems and unblock blocked websites.

A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) is basically an outdated method for unblocking websites to stream content online and should not be used.  This is because when you connect to a blocked website via a VPN service, your entire network traffic gets re-routed through the VPN servers – which ultimately affects your whole device and gives you a very slow feed/stream/download from the blocked website you are trying to view content from.

A Smart DNS Proxy Server only needs to re-route the necessary information/data needed to verify an Internet user’s geographical location. It does not need to re-redirect any other information other than the data related to user’s IP address. This means all other Internet usage, plus the operation of the device being used is not affected at all - and this allows for an extremely fast, reliable and secure connection when bypassing regional restrictions to access blocked content online.

A quality Smart DNS Proxy Server provider will make sure all information is secured and encrypted at all times and will not keep logs in their network. This guarantees all your queries and online browsing remain totally anonymous but most importantly secure.

Another great benefit of using a Smart DNS Proxy Server to access blocked content online is their simple setup can easily be installed to be used on your PC, Laptop, Apple TV, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, Gaming Console, Smart Phone, Android device and most other Internet capable devices.

Need more convincing of why you should always choose to use a Smart DNS Proxy service and NOT a VPN service whenever you are trying to:

·       Unblock popular Geo-blocked websites like,, iBBC Radio, WWE Network PLUS lots more regional blocked websites

·       Bypass IP Blocking systems to gain access to non-permitted websites. For example, (you may be blocked from visiting websites like Facebook at school, work, etc.)

·       Browse websites anonymously online

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