Lock It Up: 9 Tools to Keep Your Company’s Data Safe


Data breaches continue to impact businesses long after they’ve occurred. It’s been a year since Home Depot’s data bank was hacked, and their stock is still hovering around $100.00 per share, way below where the current market price should be...

7 Mammoth Marketing Mistakes And What To Learn From Them


Marketing is as old as beer – or at least as old as the Stella Artois brand, which goes back to 1366. Beer aside, there is nothing frothy about the marketing of brands, products and services in today’s business world, especially in the digital marketing world where it’s now possible to market your business simply with a professional podcast...

4 Smart Tips For Protecting Your Online Privacy


Privacy is an incredibly rare commodity in today’s world. Governments worldwide are known for spying on their citizens‘ online activity and blocking certain sites; Google is reading your emails and collecting all sorts of private data to share it with the advertisers and online merchants who’d love to sell you even more products and services...

Smart DNS Proxy: Technology I Wish I Knew Existed Before I Went To Japan


Yes, indeed that was a long title but it was accurate. Hello, my name is Pam and I was an English teacher in Japan for two years. Whoa, glad I got that off my chest. I’m sure some of you have been there, maybe just to visit or even to teach, and maybe a ton of you just desperately want to visit. That’s cool too. Well, one of the things...

Unlock Streaming Sites & More : Smart DNS


There are innumerable websites with unique content and innovative ways to share content, communicate, socialize and learn. Come of such websites are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, Google+ , Hulu, Pandora and Amazon Prime, but in some grographical locations these websites are blocked. These factors must not stop us to express...

ICANN has spent $7M trying to get control of DNS from U.S. gov


Domain directory manager ICANN is reported to have spent nearly $7 million trying to gain complete control of the global DNS registries from the U.S. government in a bid to dominate how web address are allocated online...

How to get American Netflix?(US Netflix)

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