Unblock & Watch DR.dk outside Denmark


Unblock & Watch DR.dk outside Denmark

Yes, you can unblock and watch DR outside Denmark with Smart DNS & Smart VPN networks. Get started free here.

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DR (an abbreviation of Danmarks Radio) is the biggest public TV and radio station in Denmark. It operates six free-to-air television channels and eight radio channels. All are available online and are indispensable for most Danish households.

Television channels include the following services:

  • DR1 (24h, HD): the main channel, this is the home of drama series (including DR's own high-profiled productions), films, and documentaries, as well as the flagship evening news, sport, and weather programmes.

  • DR2 (24h, HD): breaking news, documentaries, debate, comedy, and films.

  • DR3 (24h, HD): innovative programming, chiefly aimed at viewers aged between 15 and 39.

  • DR K (24h, HD): this channel airs films from around the world, as well as historical and cultural documentaries, theatre, opera and other musical productions.

  • DR Ramasjang (5.00–20.00, SD): TV for children aged 3-6.

  • DR Ultra (6.00–21.30, SD): TV for children aged 7-12.

The most notable DR productions include:

  • Better Times

  • Borgen

  • Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (The Danish national selection for Eurovision Song Contest)

  • Follow the Money

  • Matador

  • The Bridge

  • The Legacy

  • The Killing

As you can see, the service covers a lot of topics that most people are interested in and is a source of news and entertainment for entire families. The troubles begin when you want to watch or listen to the DR offer outside Denmark. Access to DR, just like many other services, is restricted to the territory of Denmark. If you need to travel abroad or are currently living outside Denmark but want to stay in touch with Danish TV, you will see the message stating that the content is not available for your location.

Stream DRTV outside Denmark with Smart DNS Proxy Smart DNS

DRTV does not require subscription and you can stream it for free. However, as it is geo-restricted, you need Smart DNS in order to avoid being detected as coming from outside its normal operating area. Complicated as it may sound, it’s actually quite simple and painless. Only a few steps are needed to enjoy DR stream from anywhere in the world.

Smart DNS does not affect your connection speed, your original IP remains intact (so you will be able to gain access to your favorite local websites as well) and you can use numerous devices to stream DRTV (Windows, MacOS, Android, mobile devices, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, etc.)

First, sign up with Smart DNS Proxy for a 14-day free trial. Next, configure your device to work with Smart DNS Proxy Smart DNS. Update your IP in our system and you’re ready to watch. If you prefer to have your entire home network configured for streaming, you can do that too by setting up your home router. Whenever you stumble upon any problems, you can always contact us for help and our support engineers will be happy to assist you.

Use Smart VPN to stream DRTV from outside Denmark

Another possible option to access DRTV outside Denmark is to use Smart DNS Proxy VPN. Virtual Private Network is a tunnel that takes your entire Internet traffic directly through a dedicated server changing your IP so that it is not recognized as non-illegible encrypting the connection at the same time.

This solution is particularly useful if you want to use unprotected Wi-Fi spots while traveling (airports, railroad stations or hotels) or staying in public places (cafes, shopping malls or cinemas). Smart VPN keeps your connection completely scrambled for anyone trying to peek into your data. Your banking app passwords are secure, your business data is safe and your email accounts are not compromised.

Become our subscriber to use all those awesome features and enjoy free Danish TV anywhere in the world.



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14 days free trial. No credit card required.

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