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Backblaze Online Backup

Backblaze is an online backup service that gives the ability to any operating system (windows or mac osx) to backup their data to an offsite data center. 

Backblaze supports unlimited storage and unlimited file sizes. It works automatically in the background of your computer and backups all your data continuously.

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Best Smart DNS Review & Comparison 2016

Best Smart DNS

Best Smart DNS Reviews the Best Smart DNS Providers on the market since 2015. They test every smart DNS service manually and rank them depending on their quality, support, channels, and other functions.

Since 2015, Smart DNS Proxy is selected the top Smart DNS provider by the BestSmartDNS.

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Managing IT Projects

Digiport OU is an IT management and marketing company that focuses on managing and growing high-quality services and creating innovative products that bring the IT brands ahead of the competition. Digiport OU's infastructure spans more than 60 countries with services reaching over 1 million users globally.

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A Slice of VPN security with a teste of simplicity.

With over 12 years of experience in Virtual Private Networks, MPLS technologies, and overall ISP background, Void.PL have decided to create a VPN brand, that allows you to securely browse the Internet as simply as possible. Using our apps, you can easily connect to one of their many VPN servers located globally. If you love the taste security, join us, and have a slice.

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