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Number of customers resulting from your unique link will be displayed under your affiliate program section on your account.


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Referring friends and family members
If you know anyone needs to use Smart DNS Proxy service, then simply give them your unique affiliate referral link and start make money when they order and renew our services.

Website Owners
You may use our banners and marketing materials to start converting your affiliates in to real sales.

Affiliate Marketing Agencies
You may drive traffic to our website from any advertising campaigns and track the performance with your affiliate panel reports.

Lifetime Commissions

Affiliate Program Commissions are for Life Time! When you refer a user who becomes a paying user, then you start earning commission for every sale.

We care about the people who are helping us. That’s why we always try to do the best for our affiliates happy. Your commissions will be for lifetime that means you will earn money for not only the initial payment but also for all future recurring payments.

Current Commission Rates

SDP Affiliate Program


Earn serious money referring people to our Smart DNS Proxy service.

Up to 100% commission rates with lifetime recurring commission.

  • 1 Month (New) 100%
  • 1 Month (Renewal) 30%
  • 3 Month (New) 30%
  • 3 Month (Renewal) 30%
  • 6 Month (New) 30%
  • 6 Month (Renewal) 30%
  • 12 Month (New) 35%
  • 12 Month (Renewal) 30%
  • 24 Month (New) 35%
  • 24 Month (Renewal) 30%
* Payment processing fees will be deducted from the commissions.


What payment methods I can use to get paid?

We make payments through PayPal at the moment.

When will I get paid?

We send payments from 5th to 20th of every month for the sales generated on the previous month. For example, if you make 200 USD in January, the payment will be made starting from March 5th to March 20th.

Is there a minimum amount needed to get payout?

Yes, the minimum payout is $120. You get paid when your balance is $120 or more.

Is there anything I need to know before promoting?

You can use your affiliate program link anywhere you believe it’s proper to use. But we don’t honor spamming. You must be using the promotion techniques, which comply with our Terms and Conditions. If it’s not clear how you are referring users to Smart DNS Proxy, then you will need to provide this information to us.

Where do I see my sales?

All affiliates statistics can be seen on you’re My Account > Options > Affiliate section.

Can I use my own affiliate link for my own purchases?

No, you can’t use it. This will get you banned from our system.

How long the referral link stays on my referred people's pc?

The cookie is set to 90 days. This means when a user registered in 90 days after clicks to your unique affiliate link, you earn a commission. If your referred user registers for a free account and pays for the service even after 90 days, you will get a commission from that. There is no time-date-year limit.

What are not allowed marketing methods?

SPAM, Clack-hat search engine techniques, spamming on blogs, forums, other commenting systems, any other type of illegal marketing and using materials which may infringe our intellectual property rights, including use of our Trade Marks (e.g. “Smart DNS Proxy”, “Smart DNS” or “SDP”) in the domain name.

Can I do online advertising with PPC and PPV networks?

Yes, you may advertise with PPC and PPV networks like Adwords for Smart DNS Proxy using your affiliate program link.

Can I use my affiliate link to resell Smart DNS proxy to my clients?

Yes, you may resell Smart DNS proxy with your affiliate links. However, you have to have proper information on your company public website easily reachable for every visitor or in the section related to Smart DNS Proxy. You must clearly make it visible that this service is provided by Smart DNS Proxy with a proper backlink to our website and our logo. Your clients must know that your clients are getting Smart DNS Proxy service.

Can I rebrand Smart DNS Proxy and sell it to my clients with my affiliate link?

No, your clients have to know that they are getting Smart DNS Proxy service. However, we provide white-label service to our corporate, internet service provider or VPN clients. Please open support ticket for further information.

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