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Apps to Make Your Netflix and Chill More Enjoyable

When you just want to relax after a hard day at work, or prep for some Netflix and chill before it turns to Netflix and constantly alone, the last thing you want to worry about is to find something to watch... After all, you have better things planned for tonight.

I’ve been using my smartphone to watch Netflix during lunchtime, commuting from work and back. So, here are some best Android and iOS apps that’ll make your next Netflix and chill session hell of tight.

Here are best Android apps to enjoy your binge-watching session.


If you are being over ambitious about the quality that you want to stream in, Fast app tells you whether or not your internet connection is capable of handling that 1080p.

Fast app will start benchmarking your internet connection and show your internet speed.

For those who are wondering how much bandwidth you’d need to watch 1080p on Netflix? Well we need about 3 megabits per second. No server selection, no errors, speed test results in one touch. Try it.


There are a lot of plug-ins on your Mac or Windows computer that lets you see the IMDB rating for the movie or TV show that you are about to watch but since there are no chrome plugins on mobile devices, you can’t use any of them. Flutter lets you see the IMDB rating for the movie or TV show that you are about to watch. As of now it’s only for Android. Sorry iPhone users.

Once you configure Flutter, simply open up Netflix and tap on something you want to watch. Flutter will show its IMDB rating along the right side. If you do nothing, the banner will disappear.

It’s always a disappointment to know that the movie which you wanted to see for long isn’t available in your country.

Smart VPN

Smart VPN can help you tackle this situation by unblocking geo-restricted content. Smart VPN as the name suggests, is a smart way by which you can view geo restricted content from all around the world at just a click of a button, and the best part is that it works even on mobile data. Just download smart DNS proxy VPN. Once you launch it, just choose the country you want to masquerade into, choose smart VPN and hit Connect. Once connected it should view content which was earlier blocked in your country.


If you have a habit of watching movies or TV shows that your mates are watching then this app can save a lot of time for you, Streamio crawls through the internet and finds you the sources through which a movie or TV shows can be viewed.

To get started with Streamio, open the app and create a free account. Once you do that, you can now search for any title and find various platforms on which that title can be viewed.

For example, if you choose Big Bang Theory, it will first show the names of all the episodes, once you click on the episode name, it will show you the sources on which the video is available. You can tap on the source you want and start watching.

TV Time

Losing track of your favourite shows is a common thing. if you keep on forgetting the air time of your favourite show then TV time is the app for you. Once you launch the app, it asks you about the shows that you have watched across streaming platforms. Check the shows that you have watched and get started. Once it’s set up, it will show you the list of upcoming episodes of your favourite shows. For example, the latest episode of Sharp Objects is coming out on Monday. The “for you” section has community reactions, quizzes and podcasts around the shows you like.


Upflix is a simple app that lets you keep track of the shows releasing on Netflix all around the world. Once you are in, you will be shown a list of new TV shows and Netflix movies that you can watch. If you tap on the spinning wheel on the lower right side of the screen, you can choose your genre and IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes ratings and tap on spin. Upflix will choose a random movie for you which falls in the criteria that you have provided.

Unified Remote

Reaching out for the keyboard and mouse while watching Netflix on my computer, breaks the code of conduct of a lazy binge-watcher, if you are one of them then you can install Unified Remote. Unified remote lets you control your Mac or your PC through your smartphone.

Just download the application on your computer and your phone and set it up.

Now, you will be able to control your PC; just tap on the “Basic Input” option and you can use your touchscreen as the mouse pointer. Once you tap on keyboard icon on the lower left side of the screen, you can control the keyboard with your mobile phone as well. To use it while watching Netflix, just connect the phone to your computer via Unified Remote and start the connection. Open the tab where Netflix is playing and you will now be able to control Netflix through your phone.


Watching movies becomes even more fun when you watch it with your friends or family, but what if you’re living in different countries, binge-watching a show together is difficult in that case. Rave allows you to watch videos from YouTube or Netflix together. Just login with the proper credentials and get started. Once you both are in, start a Rave by clicking on the Plus icon. Once you tap that, you can see various options for you including YouTube, Netflix and you can even view Google Drive videos together. Once the app loads the video, both sides will start the playback, making it seamless. You can pause, rewind and forward simultaneously as well.

DRM Info

While you might be super happy with your new phone, thinking that finally it will play Netflix or Prime Videos in 1080p, you might be surprised that many popular phones do not simply have the compatibility to play full HD Netflix. If you want to know how to find this out, you can install DRM info. DRM info lets you have a look at your security patch level which is basically the benchmark of your video playback compatibility. For example: this Google Pixel first gen can play 1080p Netflix because its benchmark shows as: L1. Also, this Redmi Note 5 has L3 so it won't be able to stream 1080p Netflix. Anything below L1 can’t play 1080p on Netflix. So, if your phone has L3 or L2 as a result, you can only stream in standard definition.

So, those are just a few apps that’ll make your Netflix and chill session more pleasurable. Let us know what apps you end up using in the comments section.

Also, don’t forget to check out Smart DNS Proxy if you’re keen to unblock geo-restriction on video sites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora or even Amazon Prime Video. It’s only 5 dollars a month and there’s a 14-day free trial.

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