Giveaway l April 19, 2018

Win a state-of-the-art Apple smartphone in our new 2018 giveaway – iPhone X is back!

We’re back with the 2018 edition of our previous successful giveaway which turned out so popular that we’ve decided to give you a chance to win an iPhone X once again!

iPhone X Giveaway by Smart DNS Proxy

Tenth iPhone for tenth anniversary

Ten years ago, when the first iPhone was introduced, it marked one of the most important tech product launch in the past decade. The revolution in making and using phones started by Steve Jobs has been going on for the past ten years and iPhone X is the first iPhone in four years to undergo a major redesign.

Say hello to the technology of the future

There are a lot of obvious differences in design if you compare the first and the latest iPhone but one thing is for sure – once you hold it in your hand and fire it up – you are dead sure that it is the same innovative and user-friendly product that you are so used to (if you are a regular iPhone user) or that you can quickly get used to (if you are new to iOS). OLED screen technology adopted for the first time in iPhone history, glass and stainless-steel case with wireless charging and Face ID authentication, to name a few, set new trends in smartphone design.

Amazing screen with perfect camera

The 5.8-inch OLED color-accurate Super Retina display with HDR technology is one of the most advanced solution allowing for a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and adapting the display’s white balance to the surrounding ambient light thanks to its ambient light sensors. A reduced bezel pushed the screen to the edges losing the Home button and making the screen large and clear. iPhone ha two cameras on the rear – a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with face detection, HDR and image stabilization which can capture4K video and a secondary, telephoto lens with optical and digital zoom. A 7-megapixel front camera, also with face detection and HDR completes the set which is more than enough for any iPhone photo/video enthusiast.

Face ID magic

Some other phone-making companies have used face unlock or even iris scanned but none of them were as fast and accurate as iPhone X Face ID feature. Housed in the sensor notch at the top of the screen (some consider it as a nuisance and some as the new iPhone distinctive feature), it holds TrueDepth camera, dot projector and infrared camera which work perfectly recognizing your facial feature even in darkness. No more waiting for digital, often repeating, fingerprint reading – simply raise the phone to your face and that’s it – your screen is up and running.

A lot of extra features

A new iPhone is equipped with a completely new A11 Bionic chipset with a six-core processor which makes it the fastest iPhone to date, wireless charging with fast-charging option, augmented reality ecosystem and lot of other innovative and distinctive features making iPhone X a valuable addition to the collection of your communication and entertainment gadgets.

Not just phone calls

Everyone knows that streaming technology has found its way to most of us. We no longer have to carry bulky analog players or capacity-limited digital players. Most of the gadgets that we had to use separately (phone, camera, video recorder, radio, music player, game console, entertainment center or even a computer) are now incorporated into one, magical device – iPhone X, which blends all the functionalities that we may need in our everyday life and work. Thanks to streaming and our smart DNS technology, you are able to access the best music or movies streaming platforms. Would you like to have all your favorite shows right in your pocket? Join our giveaway and win the best communication and entertainment device and enjoy streaming the best of music and cinema!

How to enter and win a brand-new iPhone X

The rules of entering the competition are the same as always. No tricks, no complicated forms or sophisticated actions. You just keep on being busy online, like you normally do. One thing is different – you can win a new iPhone X! Spread the word about Smart DNS Proxy and our awesome giveaway by sharing, blogging, tweeting, liking, following and recommending our services to anyone you want. If you are already our user – good for you. If you’re not – no worries. Sign up with us, create a free, trial account, register your IP in our system and you’re all set. Go and claim you own iPhone X!

Good luck to everyone and happy streaming!