Giveaway l October 25, 2017

Win an iPhone X - incredible and ultimate entertainment and communication tool everyone craves!

The most anticipated Apple’s anniversary product – iPhone X is finally here! Ten years after the release of the very first iPhone, iPhone X, once again, makes history. And it’s not a new all-screen design or even its vibrant AMOLED screen. It’s the genius of incredible, almost futuristic technological solutions so advanced that it will take years before other manufacturers come close to this hi-tech wonder.

iPhone X Giveaway by Smart DNS Proxy

Ground-breaking display

iPhone X edge-to-edge display is not a novelty in itself. What really makes it stand out is an amazing Quad HD+ Super Retina Display with a stunning 2463 x 1125 resolution, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and HDR support which makes it an ultimate viewing machine.

Powerful engine onboard

In order to employ such specs into work, e.g. streaming, you need a fast CPU. iPhone X is equipped with a new A11 Bionic chipset with a six-core processor which translates into a 25% increase in speed compared to iPhone 7. It’s also equipped with a turbo boost which will handle not only streaming but also Quad HD and HDR video recording and playback, the latest 3D games and AR technology.

Revolution in user’s ID recognition

Before its release, a lot of rumors had emerged about alleged incorporation of the home button, a landmark for all iPhones, into a bezel-less screen. Until now. Touch ID, which was used to unlock the phone and used for authorizing certain actions has been replaced with the most advanced Face ID feature known to men. Front-facing 7MP TrueDepth camera and its multiple sensors (including dot projector and infrared camera) map your face and make it unspoofable by, e.g., photos. Not to mention a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of unlocking the phone by someone else as opposed to 1 to 50,000 ratio using Touch ID.

Additional perks

iPhone X homes much more of what we might need from this state-of-the-art device. We have a 12 MP dual-lense back camera with optical zoom and image stabilization, Animoji which mirrors your facial expressions, wireless charging with 30-minute fast charging, augmented reality ecosystem and numerous other features which will make an iPhone X your favorite hi-end entertainment and communication gadget.

A token of thanks to our users

This time around, we would like to take a bow to our registered users and give the chance to win this amazing phone to those who decided to join our service. In order to enter the competition, you must, at least, create a free trial account and activate your IP in our system.

How to win

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