Binge Watching to a next level: Watch Netflix on a Virtual Reality Gear

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When we talk about Netflix, we certainly have a clear paradigm of excellency in mind. Because, over the period Netflix has changed the way we use to watch movies and TV shows. The revolutionary VoD behemoth has delivered exceptional experience on the screens of our PCs, laptops, mobiles and on any internet-connected device. It’s rare that you find Netflix settling down – they always have new toys for binge watchers!

Today, the streaming giant announced the newest and the next revolutionary Netflix platform, Virtual reality. It is a next generation theatre experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of a virtual couch. John Carmack, CTO of Oculus and the legendary face of Doom and Quake fame worked with Netflix team to deliver this outstanding virtual experience. The app is currently available in the stores for Samsung’s Gear VR headset, and soon will be commercially available to everyone in the early 2016. It’s seriously a next level thing for all binge watchers around!

Carmack explained in a blog post on Netflix, “A lot of people want to watch movies and shows in virtual reality”. He further said, “In fact, during the development of Gear VR, Samsung internally referred to it as the ‘Head Mounted Theater.’

The app includes a feature “Netflix Living Room,” allowing Netflix’s Oculus users to experience content in a virtual setting. With this, the whole binge watching experience is going to change, as you no longer required sitting in a living room and watch movies all day and night. As quoted by Carmack, in many conditions the 'best seat in the house' may be in the Gear VR that you pull out of your backpack."

Netflix Virtual Reality

Following Netflix, other streaming services especially Hulu also confirmed that they are too working on the same experience. In a recent statement, Vice President of Hulu, Julian Eggebrecht said that “Hulu lives at the intersection of technology and entertainment,” He also added, “Providing viewers with dynamic environment of their choice and themed around their favorite shows provides a whole new level of engagement.” From this recent announcement, it is very clear now that the online streaming is going to next level now. There will be more awesomeness to our binge watching experience with the recipe of virtual-theatre experience on mere actions.

Here is a glance to Samsung Gear VR and Oculus with John Carmack.

Happy Streaming!

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