Netflix l April 12, 2019

Fix -You Have Downloads on Too Many Devices Netflix Error

So, the other day, I was leaving for a small vacation and decided to download some of favorite Netflix shows. But, my oh my, when I press the download button, I got the error “You have downloaded on too many devices. Please remove downloads from another device, or go to for plan options.”

Now, the first thing that comes to the mind is changing the Netflix password. But unfortunately, that doesn’t work. The next thing is to upgrade your plan to Standard or Premium, but that will cost you more given the fact the others are mooching off the account you are paying for in the first place.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to remove the other download devices. Here’s how you do it.

For desktop

1. Head to the Netflix website in your browser and sign in.

2. In the upper right side, you’ll see your account option. Hover on it and click on “Account.”

3. Scroll down till you Setting and click the “Manage download devices” link.

For mobile

If you are a mobile, open the Netflix app and go to the Account section. This will be similarly looking interface on your mobile browser. There you should find ‘Manage download devices’, Tap on that.

Once there, it’ll show you the list of devices with current downloads. You can tap on the Show download link, to see what shows they have downloaded. Unfortunately, there is no option to see which users have downloaded the show, so, you just have to take a guess.

It shows you the device Operating System like Android or iOS, without the model number. So, it’s hard to find out who exactly is using your account for downloads. But when you remove a device, all downloads on that device will no longer be available. And you can start downloading on your own device.

Seems like some is watching Death Note on Windows 10, I guess they have probably watched it by now. So, tap on the Remove Device button. And there you go.

So, there you go, that was a quick hack to fix - too many download devices error on Netflix. While you are at it, also check out another video on how to kick freeloaders off of your Netflix account. And if you are new here, check out Smart DNS Proxy, this service lets you remove American Netflix geo-restrictions with hundreds of other video stream sites like HBO, Hulu etc. It cost $5 a month and comes with 14-days free trial.

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