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Fire TV Stick remote not working - let's fix it!

So, you pull out your Fire TV stick remote to pause the movie but nothing to happen? You even try pressing the back buttons, but nothing works. Well, let’s take a look - we’ve got all the Fire TV stick remotes from Fire TV stick Lite, to 3rd gen to the latest Fire TV stick 4K MAX.

If any of these stopped working for you, follow the solutions below to get your remote working again! Let’s go.

Basic remote checks

Okay, so the most common reason why the Fire TV remote doesn’t work is going to be the batteries and physical damages. Now, I know, you’re already thinking “Come on, I’ve already checked that.”

Well, it’s the most common reason I’ve experienced, so I’ll have to mention it. 

If you don’t see any light blinking on your FS remote than chances are, there’s an issue with battery or connector. 

First and foremost, closely inspect the Fire TV stick remote for any sign of physical damage. Sometimes, other members of your family might have accidentally dropped the remote and it could stop working after that. Take a close look at the connectors of the battery, if there is any breakage or residue. Sometimes, cheap batteries leak battery acid onto the Fire TV remote connectors blocking the current from getting through.

If so, simply take a flat head screwdriver and gently scrap the connectors of the remote at each end. Wiping the residue off with a dry cloth. This should do the trick.

Also, check if your old battery has dried out. Unlike remotes with Infrared technology, the Amazon FireStick remote relies on a Bluetooth connection, which depletes the battery more quickly, so gently remove the battery cover and replace the battery, preferable with new batteries. Sometime, we replace the battery with some old battery lying around, which could also be dead, so make sure the battery you replaced it with has some juice.

Re-Pairing Your Firestick Remote

Now, unlike your regular TV remotes with infrared technology, FireStick works on Bluetooth connection. So, if the Bluetooth connection is lost for some reason (usually happens if your FS stop working after an update), you can fix it by pairing the FireStick remote with these steps.

To start the pairing process, unplug your Fire Stick from power and remove the batteries from the remote.

Plug the Fire Stick back in and replace the batteries, then press and hold the home button on the remote for 10 seconds to initiate pairing.

You'll then either see the blue light on your remote flash a few times, or there will be an on-screen confirmation message that your remote has been paired. 

If this doesn’t work, then you can either repeat the process or the remote is completely dead. Either way, next step will help you. 

Try another FireStick remote

Okay, now we have reached a stage where by no means the above could make your remote work again. But there are few things that we can still do, we recommend you get a replacement for your Fire TV.

But before that, you can use your smartphone as a remote until you get a new one. You can get the Android Fire TV App or the iPhone Fire TV App.

Simply, download the app on your smartphone. Log into your Amazon Fire TV account on your smartphone app.

Turn the TV on by pressing the “Power” button on of your TV and then make sure you to switch the HDMI where fire tv stick is connected. 

Log into your Amazon Fire TV account on your smartphone app.

Select your Fire TV device from the app.

A 4-digit code will appear on TV. Copy the code that shows on the TV into the app.

Now, you can control your FS with your smartphone app. 

This should work for you for some time by the time your new remote arrives.

Now, for complete solution, you can buy Replacement Remote for Fire TV Stick.

Simply go to Amazon and search for Replacement Remote for Fire TV Stick, you will see a lot of option from third-party remote to even Amazon original FireTV stick remote that’s sold separately. 

Now, before you order there are few things to keep in mind.

Most third-party remotes will not give you Alexa Voice search, you only get this with Amazon official remote.

And second, if you decided to buy the Amazon original third-party remote, check for the compatibility. For example, this 2021 Alexa remote is compatible with Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen and later), Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube (1st Gen and later), and Fire TV (3rd Gen, Pendant Design).

However, it’s not compatible with Fire TV (1st and 2nd Gen), Fire TV Stick (1st Gen), or Fire TV Edition smart TVs.

Also, if you see as of making this video, this remote costs $30, but, here’s an interesting thing, you can get an entire remote with FS for $6 less i.e. $24. So, you practically get the same remote and a free FireTV stick 3rd gen and save $6.

Finally, once the new FS remote arrives, here is how you add this.

Press the Home button on your original Firestick remote, if that’s not working, use the app we just installed in the previous step.

Select Settings.

Choose Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.

Go to Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

On the next screen, select Add New Remote.

Press and hold the Home button on your new Firestick remote until it's recognized.

Using your old remote, press Select. Both remotes should then appear in your list.

You should see a confirmation message letting you know that your non-Firestick remote has been paired. You can then start using it as you would a regular Firestick remote.

Overall, if your Amazon Firestick remote isn't working, you should check for remote's batteries, unpair and reconnect the remote and if nothing works, temporary use smartphone app to control the FireTV stick, meanwhile you can order the right remote for your FireTV stick.

Also, just a tip, nothing guaranteed, but it’s worth contacting Amazon directly for help.

If even they can't figure out the problem, there's a chance that they'll let you send in your Firestick for a replacement. A lot of people on Reddit has claimed that they got free replacement even after warranty. So, it’s worth a shot!

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See you in the next one!