Smart VPN l December 5, 2015

Why Online Privacy is Indispensable for Regular Internet Users Like You?

Internet offers a massive impact in the lives of every common individual. It is rapidly influencing the world with its endless advantages, and acts as a deep ocean of information for the users to gain knowledge about anything. Being an open source for all, people belonging to every age group are rigorously using it for different purposes. Whether you are a student, a homemaker, a business owner or an older person, internet serves all your distinctive needs for information with ease.

Another major advantage of internet usage is communication on a globalised platform. However, while it proffers such exclusive benefits, it also possesses certain drawbacks internet. With everything going online, the chances of threats related to internet security is also increasing. You can come across different types of threats online such as:

• Virus attack
• Spam, SPIT and SPIM
Spoofing, Pharming, and Phishing
• Spyware
• Keystroke logging
• Adware
• Worms
• Trojan horse and more.

In order to avoid all these conspicuous activities while working online, distinctive provisions for online security and privacy become a necessity.

Identity theft – the major cause

The online privacy has become a patent for all the internet users due to excessive information sharing.  The information may also contain your personal and confidential details that require superior level of privacy protection. One of the most rapidly growing crimes on internet these days is of identity theft. About 15 million users of internet become a victim of this crime every year. Being a regular user, you may wonder what exactly identity theft is. What are the major concerning issues related with it?

Identity theft is a process of hacking someone else’s details and identity for any kind of financial gain or any other purpose thereby leading towards the loss of that particular purpose. The hackers available online may continuously spy your actions without your awareness to use your details for different unlawful activities. They can use your name, contact number, identification number, credit card details, or other information to commit fraudulent activities.

Some of the major concerning issues related to identity theft may include:

• Rummage through the rubbish to acquire your personal information.
• Retrieving your personal data with the help of redundant equipment like PC, mobile phones, servers, hard drives, and more.
• Stealing the details of credit cards, passports, identification cards and more with mail theft.
• Hacking your computer systems, networks as well as databases
• Using breaches like keystroke logging or Trojan Horse to gather your personal information.
• Impersonating any reputed organization in text messages, phone calls, or emails through phishing.


VPN – The ideal privacy solutions

The term VPN (Virtual private network) is gaining widespread prominence as an ideal solution for all your online security and privacy concerns. Whether you are an individual or a company, VPN allows you to connect with your network on a secure platform from any location. It acts like an outer lock for your online activities. For sure, it plays crucial role in encrypting your personal data when you are using public internet.

With a VPN connection you can acquire a unique IP address for working online. It uses data in encrypted form. Some of the major advantages of using VPN may include:

• Superior level of security to your online traffic.
• No one can spy your original confidential data.
• Both free and premium services of VPN are available for the users depending on your specific requirement.
• Offer easy connectivity to the servers.
• Available for all types of devises including android, Windows and apple iOS.

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