Unblock Websites l April 8, 2015

Access HBO NOW Outside US with Smart DNS

The need is only of Internet & Apple – to get HBO NOW!

The long wait has come to an end today. It’s finally aired! HBO fulfilled its promise to broadcast HBO NOW channel (the cable-free streaming service) ahead of the Game of Thrones premiere that is set to release on the April 12th.
Our Video about watching HBONOW & HBOGO outside US:
The service is currently available for Apple users only & it holds the three-month exclusive rights to broadcast anything & everything on HBO NOW. The official announcement has raised quite a few questions on its pricing ($14.99/mo.), but since HBO NOW comes with a 30-day free trial for early subscribers – it’s just amazing & right on money too!  
HBO Now Access With Smart DNS Proxy Image
Is the Service Easy to Get?
#HBONow isn’t the only trending hashtag as of now, but some serious questions were populating on Twitter and other social networks regarding its availability. Wait, what does it mean?
Not surprisingly, “How do I watch HBO Now” & “Can I use HBO Now from my country” are the most common phrases that oodles of people are searching for. If you reside in the United States, then all you need is to:
1.     Download HBO NOW App (US iTunes required)
2.     Subscribe for a 30-day free trial
3.     And enjoy Game of Thrones Marathon & Other Top shows.
But if you don’t live in US, then you can’t even download the App neither you can enjoy HBO NOW experience. But there is a solution!
Alike other streaming channels, HBO NOW also detects your location and restrict your access to stream anything available. Currently HBO NOW has more than 2000 titles and other acclaimed series of Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley and many others.
Unfortunately, it is only available in US so the access to HBO NOW from countries other than the US is restricted. A vast majority of Game of Thrones and HBO fans live outside the US and it is absolutely necessary for them to watch all the content on HBO NOW – whenever it is aired. The lovers don’t like to be kept in chains!
The easiest and smartest way to Unblock HBO NOW from outside US is to invest in a service that not only gives you complete access to watch HBO NOW content, but also provides speed and reliability too. 
SmartDNS technology is your answer to geo-restriction and top speed. We, SmartDNSProxy have unlocked and tested our service on HBO NOW today, and we’re happy to announce to our network is working fine on it.
It means you don’t need to worry if you don’t live in US or you plan to move to some other place. SmartDNSProxy works on almost every internet-connected device from any corner of the world. It doesn’t require technical knowledge or anything that can give you pain – we did all the work and designed a click-and-go technology to ease & smarten your streaming experience.
Okay Done, Lets Start the SmartDNS & HBO NOW Experience In a Flash
We can’t hold you more – HBO NOW awaits you! Head over to our Sign Up page and Start your Unblocking experience with a 14-day Free Trial (We don’t charge a penny).
Unblock HBO NOW & many other streaming channels – and join the Club Of Streamers Outside USA!
We’ll love seeing you as our paying customer too.