BBC iPlayer l December 29, 2014

Unblocking BBC iPlayer with SmartDNSProxy

BBC iPlayer is the home to the great series like Sherlock and Doctor Who. Both of these shows has garnered a lot of fan base and has also become the reason why people crave for BBC iPlayer. But just like Netflix there is a bad twist with BBC iPlayer too. You can’t view this outside UK, and as soon as you try to access BBC iPlayer you will get this message, “Currently BBC iPlayer TV programs are available in the UK only, but all BBC iPlayer Radio programs are available to you.” Who would care about radio programs of BBC iPlayer? We all want the duo of Martin Freeman and Bennedict Cummberbatch to solve cases on Sherlock.
Disappointed? Don’t be, we got you covered. In order to unblock BBC iPlayer all you need is a subscription of SmartDNSProxy. SmartDNSProxy will get you pass these restrictions with ease all you need to do is pay for the service and VIOLA! You’re in. The best part of using a BBC iPlayer is that you don’t need a subscription, all you need to do is to login with a UK IP and with SmartDNSProxy you can do that.
BBC iPlayer High Speed Streaming
BBC iPlayer is one of the best streaming website in the industry and you won’t experience and speed throttling because of some ISP company which is trying to reap all the profit (we are looking at you Comcast). Though there is one itsy bitsy problem and it relates directly with your Internet speed. Because of the high quality of the streaming, BBC iPlayer will not let you stream unless you have a decent bandwidth. “If you don’t have the steam, it will not let you stream” so if you don’t have a good internet bandwidth then you may get the following message.
There are two ways through which you can avoid seeing the above ‘not-so-pleasant’ notification.
The first one is to ask your ISP provider to upgrade your connection to a heavier and more expensive subscription. You will have to clarify why you need more bandwidth. Your ISP provider may give you ways to bypass this but as soon as you tell him that it’s for iPlayer then he might decline your request.
The second more feasible option for you would be to get SmartDNSProxy and get maximum speeds and bypass restrictions. SmartDNSProxy knows that subjecting data traffic to the whole encrypt-tunnel-decrypt process can have a bit of a drag on speed/bandwidth. That is SmarDNSProxy choose to go the extra mile for streaming fanatics by providing add-ons – some for free, and others at low cost.
Why we love BBC iPlayer
People love BBC iPlayer because of the shows like Top Gear, Sherlock, Doctor Who and other exclusive sporting events. BBC iPlayer can run on browser, Roku device, android, iOS, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In short, accessibility won’t be an issue with BBC iPlayer. Apart from this, BBC iPlayer’s fast and quality streaming service makes it even more desirable.
With the each passing moment technology advances leaving people with more options and less time. In the coming days people won’t have to sit in front of their television to watch their favorite shows everything will become digital. But if we put in Geo Restriction in to the equation then we might get a lot of unsatisfied customers. SmartDNSProxy is working on providing the best possible streaming experience without geo-restrictions. We want the internet to be free and open to all and BBC iPlayer is no exception. So subscribe now with SmartDNSProxy and enjoy all your favorite shows on BBC iPlayer.