Unblock Websites l November 4, 2014

Is Watching ESPN Outside US a Possibility? Yes, NOW with Smart DNS Proxy, It Is!

Sports comprise an integral part of our lives irrespective of our geographic location, race or anything else. It holds the tendency to connect people beyond borders and set the stage for a universal camaraderie. However, setting geographical limitations kills this very purpose, and unfortunately, this is the order of the day, with big entertainment network, and sports streaming services. They are proactive in blocking the viewing of their programs outside a specified region. ESPN is no different!


ESPN - A brief intro

The US based Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) has been in the international sports arena since 1979. As of now, it is among the biggest global cable and satellite channels that holds 85.8% of TV coverage in the US alone.

Moreover, the recently introduced Watch ESPN app and website connect the channel with the today’s generation. It covers the best part of ESPN network, live events and shows through live streaming, to viewers who watch ESPN through TV subscription in the US.

Hence, the network makes sure that you don’t miss even a single moment of those nail biting sporting moments. But the fact that Watch ESPN outside US is restricted, poses a major setback to its fans worldwide. Like all the other broadcasters of news, entertainment, movie, and sports channels, ESPN also blocks viewing of its programs. In order to watch programs on ESPN online through Watch ESPN, you are required to sign-in with your TV provider, which conforms that you are a paid viewer. However, if you are outside and wish to enjoy a live NBA match, even your subscription won’t work.

As soon as you try to open the live streaming video, the channel tracks the IP of your device and hence blocks you from accessing the content.  Thankfully, as a silver lining, you may find solace with Smart DNS Proxy in such a situation, provided that you possess a US cable account.

The latest technology to hit the censored word of online streaming service, this proxy service is a smart alternative to the virtual private network.  While a VPN is often slow, disturbance prone, and requires complex configuration and installation hassles to finally watch ESPN outside USA, such is not the case with this recent innovation.

How to watch ESPN outside us via Smart DNS Proxy?

The Smart DNS Proxy helps you to unblock a restricted service with the help of a DNS server address that you need to enter in the network settings of your device. It separates the traffic from the rest of your Internet browsing, hence enabling you to rejoice Watch ESPN. You can count on it blazing speed, which is perfect to watch sporting events through live streaming. In addition, you can watch it on any of your devices like desktops, android Smartphone, iPhone, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and so on, without worrying about installation hassles.

A slight drawback to watch ESPN outside USA through Smart DNS Proxy is that your identity is no clandestine any more. While you can bypass filtering with the provided DNS server address, it does not secure your traffic. Hence, if you wish to keep your identity secret while unblocking ESPN, this proxy service is not for you. However, if you are eager to get mingled with your favorite shows without worrying much about keeping your, such type of considerations may well be sidelined.

Which service provider to zero-in?

In your pursuit to looking out for a befitting vendor that could help you watch ESPN outside USA, is a reliable name. A branch of Global Stealth group, the company shares the name of this very facility and is among the erstwhile service providers to assist entertainment seekers worldwide unblock the online streaming services. Besides enabling the access to Watch ESPN outside US, it is helpful in shattering the censorship shackles of a gamut of popular but blocked services for you.

Yes, with a Smart DNS Proxy subscription, now you can comfortably watch programs on Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Zattoo, Pandora and almost any of your craved entertainment channels. Choose one of the affordable packages today and explore the hidden world. Should you wish to access ESPN live online free of cost to start with, there is a 14 day trial version for the same as well.