VPN l March 5, 2021

Best Websites to Watch English-Dubbed Anime

While there is no shortage of anime out there, most of them come with English subs (or subtitles). Which to be honest doesn't offer the best experience, it can be difficult to focus on visuals and text simultaneously, especially if you are new to all this. Thankfully, there are a few places on the Internet where you can find English dubs of anime.

This is Smart DNS Proxy and here's a list of the best websites where you can watch English dubbed anime. Of course, we are talking about all legal websites, also they most of them are free as well.

1. Netflix - It has anime but the catalog is not that great. You will see Hunter Hunter dubbed, FullMetal Alchemist dubbed, Demon Slayer dubbed and several other popular dubbed anime. But, it has several seasons either missing (like Hunter Hunter) or not having a dubbed version. For example, there're only 4 seasons of Hunter Hunter in the US and Canada. But Netflix India has all 6 seasons. Thankfully, you can bypass this, simply go to any streaming search website, enter the TV show that you want to see and it’ll tell you where it’s available on Netflix and how many episodes, like in Netflix India. Use Smart DNS Proxy VPN to change the country and you are done. For more details, see the dedicated video we have on it and you can find it on YouTube cards. 

2. Funimation - is an American streaming service that specializes in the dubbing and distribution of Japanese anime. Just like the rest, Funimation is only available in a few countries, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Of course, you can switch to Smart DNS Proxy VPN and watch these shows easily. Unlike Netflix, this dubbed anime site has a huge catalog of anime, some for free (with ads), like the Promised Neverland, and Attack of the Titans, and for others, you will need a paid plan. For example, if I try to watch Death Note, it says “Sorry! This video is for Premium Subscribers only.”

3. Animelab - is only available in Australia and New Zealand. However, you can use a good VPN to watch anime online. It has two plans, free (with ads) and a Premium one for $7.50 a month. There are some shows that you can only watch in the Premium plan. The dubbed content in English can only be watched in the Premium plan. It has popular anime such Naruto, Hunter Hunter, Demon Slayer, Attack of Titans final season, and much more.

4. Crunchyroll - It's the gold standard of watching anime for streaming services. Out of all the sites in this list, this one has the biggest anime streaming platform with more than 1,200 anime shows. This means, it not only covers big titles like Naruto, Hunter Hunter, One Punch Man, etc., but also little-known anime such as Sunday Without God, Witchblade, The Twelve Kingdoms and much more. Again, just like Funimation and Animelab, Crunchyroll is also available in some selected countries, for example, in the US, Canada and Europe. Of course, with a good VPN, it works. That said, it's a bit tricky to find the English dub on Crunchyroll, so we have done a dedicated video on this trick, which will be linked in the YouTube cards. Do check it out.

That was our list of websites where you can watch anime dubbed in English. There are many other online sources that are illegal and offer dubbed anime. But, we won't recommend them. They are either not safe or you don't get to support the creator you love. 

That's pretty much it, we'll leave the link to the Crunchyroll video in the end screen as well Netflix tips and tricks video which might be useful so do check them out.

Thank you for reading and watching, subscribe to our YouTube channel and see you in the next one.