Netflix Australia

Netflix Australia: How Smart DNS Proxy Contributes in the Rising Popularity of Netflix in Australia?

Imagine you’re almost addicted to “House of Cards” the American Political drama TV series on Netflix. Unfortunately, you are compelled to part ways with it during your visit to Australia, because of geoblocking. It sucks, isn’t it? So would you be contempt enough to wait for your journey back to the US to watch the series? OR, you will remain adamant at watching it right at your place without any compromise; defying all the restrictions? If you prefer the second option, which is perhaps a better one, Standard DNS Proxy is just for you.

Netflix in Australia

The on-demand streaming service for TV and movies may be US based, but its popularity is now soaring in almost every nook and cranny of the world. As per reports from by renowned bodies, in Australia itself, it entertains the second-most popular spot among the paid-content media companies. Interestingly and surprisingly, Netflix is yet to enter the Australian entertainment market officially.

So how come the people in Australia are able to unblock the online service and watch their craved programs? The credit goes to VPN and proxy services. Customers often opt for monthly paid VPN subscriptions to ensure uninterrupted broadcast of their preferred shows. Likewise, some others prefer to use proxy services for the same. However, both these practices are successful to some extent only, with Standard DNS Proxy taking over the realms.

Why VPN and proxy are losing the sheen?

Be it a VPN service or a proxy IP address, both are able to dodge the Netflix georestriction in Australia, but merely unblocking is not enough; several other important considerations also need to be intact. While you use any of these services, speed is a major concern that you will miss heavily. The craze of listening to melodious voices at American Idol, or a James Bond Movie won’t live long if you are made to watch them with undesirable frequent buffering interruptions.

Talking about proxies, they are helpful in unblocking the websites Australia. However, owing to multiple users accessing same proxy server, traffic goes uncontrolled and the speed gets compromised extensively. Consequently, tasks that require intensive bandwidth usage, such as streaming of Netflix videos, become difficult to achieve. You really need to have immense patience and time to watch the video after it completely downloads.

Virtual Private Network (or VPN) also echoes somewhat similar problem when it comes to unblocking Netflix in Australia. Speed is a setback when you try to open Netflix via VPN since the network traffic  is re-routed and sent through the VPN in entirety. Slow streaming is the obvious result that could discourage you to move further. Software dependence is yet another factor contributing to the disadvantage of using a VPN. Its installation and successful functioning is the next big challenge that you may have to face if you are not that tech friendly. Cost factor is always there, you may end up paying a big amount to unblock Netflix in Australia. Still, you are pretty uncertain to receive the services as per your expectations.

How Smart DNS Proxy is helpful?

In many ways, using Smart DNS Proxy could help you get better coverage of Netflix than VPN or proxy. Unlike a proxy server, it lets you unblock Netflix easily since it does not require the support of any third-party application. All it needs is a DNS Servers address that you need to save on your device. It is quite compatible with all the devices, like Laptops, desktops, Smartphone, gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc., which is often not the case with VPN.

As compared to both the services – VPN and proxy, Smart DNS proxy holds an upper hand in terms of speed. The smart DNS technology lets you to stream, download, or enjoy your all time favorite TV shows and movies far quicker. It is because the Smart DNS technology uses its servers to re-directs only selected portions of your traffic instead of re-routing it completely.

Which Smart DNS Proxy is the best?

Like VPN or proxy, the world of internet is flooded with plenty of Smart DNS Proxy service providers as well. All of them may be good enough, but scores way ahead, considering the fact it comes from Global Stealth Inc. The renowned brand holds an impeccable reputation when it comes to providing internet security, anonymity, and  data encryption services. Ever since its inception in 1995, it has been a trusted name to secure and encrypt the work force of fortune 500 companies on the net. Some of its prominent clients include Microsoft, Apple, Shell, IBM, BP and more.

The company created Smart DNS Proxy to answer the aggravating demand for security and internet traffic encryption from its existing customers. Through this service, it aims at offering quicker, stable, and more secure network that could prove to be a smart value for your money. While you chose any of the attractive Smart DNS Proxy packages, chances are brighter that you unblock Netflix in Australia without hassles, and unleash the real entertainment right at your place, beyond the barriers of boundaries.