Affiliate Program l October 16, 2014

Unrestricted Streaming, and Money - Things you can get with Smart DNS Proxy

The title says it all. Yes, you heard it right! We at Smart DNS Proxy value our customers and all those who aim at accessing the web with little or no restrictions at all – We love you all. It is our life & we have to enjoy it all the way. 

Smart DNS Affiliate

This era is the ‘Internet-era’ and 99% of us (excluding the infants) use the web for different kind of activities. Some use it for fun, some for education & some serious freaks utilize it as a source to make a living. Very true! When we talk about people who use the web as the primary source of income, we usually talk about BLOGGERS. Alone, they make a big contribution in sharing things on the web.

“Sharing is always Caring.”

We certainly love this quote. It’s short, precise and something that we as a company embrace in our services. We believe every customer is invaluable! Because they are our voice, since they are connected with us, we are something.

We’ve a running Affiliate program which aims at giving our customers a peerless reward for being our customers. We say, join our family – and earn up to 100% commission on every referral. It’s not like referring & get ‘X’ amount of MB FREE! We say, fill your pockets with money.

This is ideal for Bloggers (because they like such stuff), but our program is not restricted to bloggers only. Anyone, yes anyone can join our affiliate, in other words referral program and start earning for themselves.

Want to Join?

It’s Simple. Like our words, our program is also very simple, as we don’t believe in complexities. You don’t need to apply for a program & get approval. All you need is to follow these steps:

1.     Sign up for a FREE Smart DNS Proxy account here.

2.     Hit ‘Submit’.

3.     You’re done!

*** To be a part of our family, you don’t need to invest anything – just say hello & sign up for a FREE account with us. ***

Done? Yes! That’s all you need to do to activate your referral system. Because, like we said earlier, it is more like a refer-a-friend system. Within your account dashboard, you will find ‘Affiliate Link’. Simply copy it and share it with your friends, friends-of-friends, and to peers.

We track all the activities, so you’ll be paid for everything you do with the affiliate URL. Within the dashboard, you can also view how many referrals you have sent to us. It’s a win win situation for you! For more details about our AFFILIATE PROGRAM – read more details here.

What Else I Can Do?

Okay! We talked about what you can earn with us. Not to ignore, the ‘else’ part of us. We provide super-fast streaming & access to all blocked websites in your region. Our mission is to give you a life with freedom of Internet, flawless streaming & anything & everything with the web.

Join our family, access to the web flawlessly – and get rewarded with $$$