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How to remap buttons on a new Fire TV 4K Max remote

We recently bought a new Firestick 4K Max, and here’s one thing we noticed about the remote.

You not only get more volume and power button options in the new Firestick remote, but you’ll also find four branded shortcuts for Prime Video, Netflix, Amazon Music and Apps.

And just like that, you can remap buttons on Shield TV, and you can use these extra buttons to map apps on your Firestick. Let’s see how to do it in this video.

However, before we begin, there are few limitations you should keep in mind.

The app for the button that you are remapping cannot be installed on your Fire TV. For example, if you want the Netflix button to open an app other than Netflix, then you cannot have Netflix installed.

Buttons for preinstalled apps, like Prime Video, IMDb TV, and Amazon Music, cannot be remapped. This is because there is no way to uninstall preinstalled apps and you cannot remap a button if the button’s app is installed.

Okay, so here’s the new Firestick remote, you might have a slightly different one, but the steps should be the same for yours too. So, as you can see it has - Prime Video, Netflix, Amazon Music, and Apps. We’ll show you how to open Disney+ Hotstar when I press the Netflix button.

You can also do it for other apps. We’ll show you how.

  1. First of all, you must have the app that you want to install when you press the app button. In this case, we want to make sure we have the Disney+ Hotstar installed.
  2. Second, If the app for the button that you want to remap is installed, you must now uninstall it. In this case, we’ve uninstalled the Netflix app. So, let’s do that. The reason we are uninstalling it, because remapping an app button does not work if the actual app for the button is already installed on your Fire TV. There is no way to remap an app button and also continue using the original app.
  3. Next up, open the downloader app on your Firestick. In case you don’t have a downloader app, you can go to Firestick app store and download this app. It’s the best downloader app and you will need it in the future as well. So, keep it installed.

Now, open the Downloader app and enter the corresponding numeric code in the URL field.

By the way, huge shout out to AFTV for providing all these package. We’ll leave a link to their detailed article in the description of this video for you to check out.

In my case, I want to download Remapper for Netflix, so I’ll press the code 2210. For the rest, you can see the text on the screen or in the description below.

Remapper for Netflix: 2210

Remapper for HBO: 2211

Remapper for Hulu: 2212

Remapper for PS Vue: 2213

Remapper for Disney+: 2214

Remapper for Crave: 2220

Remapper for CTV: 2221

Remapper for Freeview Play: 2230

Remapper for DAZN: 2240

Remapper for TVNOW: 2241

Remapper for SonyLiv: 2250

Remapper for ZEE5: 2251

Once the correct Remapper app is installed, launch it by pressing the corresponding app button on your remote. It may take a few seconds to launch for the first time.

Select the app that you want to be launched when the app button on your remote is pressed. For this instance, we’ll go for Disney Plus Hotstar.

Select the “EXIT” button once you’re done. The app button on your remote should now open the app that you selected in the previous step.

Now, that’s about it, take a look at how it works. So, if we press the Netflix button on our remote, it won’t be able to find the Netflix app on our TV, and the Remapper app will intercept this connection and open the Disney + Hotstar app instead.

But that’s not all. What if in future you need to change the selected app?

Well, for that you can also reset the Remapper app by going to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications, selecting the Remapper app, and then selecting Clear Data.

And next up, what If you ever want to remove the remapping or use the app buttons to launch the actual app that was there first?

If you want to do that, simply uninstall the Remapper app. And now if you press the Netflix button and if Netflix is installed on your Firestick, it’ll open the Netflix app. Simple, right?

So that is one easy way to remap app buttons on Fire TV Stick remote. Unlike the Android TV button Remapper, here you need to set the buttons individually through their APKs. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section.

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