BBC iPlayer l October 10, 2014

How Smart DNS Proxy could help you to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK?

The UK-based BBC is a famous network that has been operating worldwide through its radio and internet television service for decades. Especially, its radio broadcasting is age-old, which used to be the most genuine source of information for news-hungry creatures across the globe prior to the advent of televisions.

It is likely that you should have also enjoyed putting your eardrums to it in your childhood, which is active even now. BBC iPlayer or simply iPlayer is an uber-popular source of online entertainment, which has stemmed out of this very BBC channel.

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Few words about BBC iPlayer

It is an internet radio and TV service by BBC, which originally found its realms in 2007. It was introduced as an extension to its real player-based services, and the content includes streaming video clips. Throughout its reign, it has been upgraded several times to improve the engaging and entertaining elements for its ardent viewers. You can also enjoy the channel on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and several other mobile devices by installing the related mobile applications.

As for the entertainment, you can savor an unlimited dose of fun and amusement with a flurry of shows being broadcasted on various BBC iPlayer live. All you need is to have a device and internet connection. But there is an additional important requirement as well – You need to be physically present in UK or any other location where the broadcast of iPlayer is legal.

How to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK

While you make up your mind to watch ‘The Great British Bake off’, ‘God Only Knows’, BBC News, some rocking performances on BBC Music, or almost any other program, from any place outside the UK via BBC iPlayer, the following message will greet you.


“BBC iPlayer TV programs are available to play in the UK only. Find out why.

If you are in the UK and see this message please read this advice.”


This means that you cannot watch BBC iPlayer outside UK due to georestriction. However, if you are a regular viewer of popular internet TV, you are least likely to compromise and sit idle, just because you are not in the UK.

For you and many other fervent connoisseurs of quality TV viewing over the web, Smart DNS proxy is the best remedy. Though, VPNs and several proxy services could also be used for the unblocking thing, but as compared to this innovative BBC iPlayer proxy, they are less effective.

Few words about Smart DNS Proxy

It is a method to unblock online streaming services with faster speeds, and without installation hassles. Yes, you don’t need any software to run it, just enter the DNS server address given by your service provider, and you are done. Another plus point is that it ensures quality viewing on a range of devices like OSx, Wii, Roku, Xbox, Windows, iPhones, Android phones, and more. Whether you wish to watch BBC iplayer or any other UK Television channels, like ITV Player, Channel 4, etc., elsewhere in the world, this smart proxy is worth trying.

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