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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in USA using Smart DNS Proxy?

BBC iPlayer hardly needs any introduction. The engaging programs it broadcasts have been a part of diet of millions in the UK. There is something in it for all and sundry, whether grownups, kids, music lovers, news mongers, sports enthusiasts, auto freaks, comedy lovers, or even those passionate for cooking. Popular shows like QI, Don’t Drop the Baby, The Kitchen, Detectorists, and more altogether make up for a bundle of joy for the entertainment nerds. However, the problem occurs when you leave UK and become an expat in USA or some other country.

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Why BBC iPlayer is not available outside UK?

All the programs that the BBC iPlayer broadcasts through live streaming are specifically for the British Audience only. Hence, if you are on a vacation to America, and have a British television license, you still cannot watch BBC iPlayer in USA, until you pay the requisite amount.  

All this is owing to the fact that BBC leverages Geo-IP technology to track  the location of your ISP. As soon as it identifies that you are logging in from abroad, it blocks you. Though you can download and rejoice most of the BBC programs outside UK via your device. But when it comes to live streaming, such as in the case of a sports event, or any ongoing TV series, the rights agreements bar their broadcast.

How to get BBC iPlayer in USA?

To assist you shatter the barriers of censorship and watch BBC iPlayer programs without any hindrance, several effectual methods are available. A range of VPN providers and Proxy services could be of much significance in this context.

Ahead of these two options, you can also try Smart DNS Proxy, which is perhaps a better choice and is cost-effective. No matter if you are in the United States of America, or in any other part of the world, you can watch the shows from this online streaming service comfortably. The best thing – you don’t need any permission for the unlimited entertainment you wish to experience.

Advantages of using Smart DNS Proxy

BBC iPlayer USA is a possibility if you use this smart technology known as Smart DNS Proxy. It is preferred over other methods due to numerous advantages it promises, some of which are given below:

  • Enjoy your shows at a blazing speed

Unlike using VPN or a BBC iPlayer USA proxy service to unblock the streaming service, this smart option promises much quicker broadcasting speed. You can continue watching your programs without any buffering interruption occurring in between. Specifically, its use is noteworthy in enabling you to watch Live TV shows, such as news or a Football match, that you would love watching as they happen.

  • Simple to set up

You do not require any software to install the service on your device as in the case of other services. To watch BBC iPlayer in USA through any of your devices you only need to set DNS server. The service provider will give you a DNS server (e.g., 23. 21.43.50) and an alternate DNS server (e.g., address. Simply enter both these addresses at the right place under the ‘Network properties’ section of your device. Unlike IP address that re-routes the entire traffic, smart DNS proxy only redirects just a portion, hence minimizing the disturbance during watching.               

  • Enjoy BBC iPlayer USA on multiple devices

Using the secure services of Smart DNS Proxy enables you to watch iPlayer programs on almost any device at equally smooth speed. You can now relish your favorite BBC shows on your laptop, desktop, iPhone, Android Smartphone, tablet, home theater, Xbox 360, OSx, Wii, Roku and several other devices.

How about using

It would be a great idea to approach this company for your cause. Smart DNS Proxy, a service from Global Stealth Inc., has been helping numerous customers to unblock internet TV streaming facilities.

Apart from BBC iPlayer, you can use its services to access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and several other blocked streaming services. The company primarily aims at providing faster, stable more secure network, and of course one, which does not put heavy load on your budget. Several of its packages are as follows:

  • Monthly - $4.90 (0% discount)
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Besides these, you can also opt for its 14-day trial package that would further help you make up your mind to go for the paid services.