Giveaway l January 7, 2019

iPhone XS Max Giveaway from Smart DNS Proxy

We’re back and this time we are going BIG!

Following the success of the previous editions of our iPhone giveaway, we’re happy to announce that we are back with a new competition. And we must admit it - a massive one. This time around, you get the chance to win a brand-new iPhone XS Max!

iPhone XS Max Giveaway by Smart DNS Proxy

As big as it can get

iPhone XS Max is the biggest smartphone Apple has ever made. Its massive 6.5-inch OLED display with hardly any screen bezel makes it a perfect tool for gaming and, naturally, video streaming!

Superb design

Despite its supersized screen, the device is surprisingly thin with only 7.7mm due to tapered edges, which makes it fit perfectly in your hand. Premium materials of stainless steel frame and the new formulation of glass give a new iPhone an exceptionally superior look and feel. IP68 resistance to dust and water makes it sturdy and durable without losing any of its first-rate appeal. The notorious notch at the top of the screen, once extremely disliked and now iconic enough to be copied by other phone manufacturers, is still there with TrueDepth camera system holding Face ID mechanisms which is faster and more responsive than its previous versions.

A handy giant

iPhone XS Max features dual SIM support with a standard nano-SIM card tray and an eSIM embedded inside the handset. A word of warning – not all carriers support eSIM technology and availability varies by region, but if you happen to be in the area where eSIM is supported, the feature might come in handy.

Audio and video powerhouse

The Super Retina HD display with HDR support and 2688 x 1242 resolution is a nice-to-have feature which makes watching movies really pleasant with deep blacks and more vibrant dynamic range. 458 pixels packed into an inch gives it a very sharp screen.

Picture and audio quality usually go hand-in-hand, and Apple packed "wider stereo playback" into its new device. Considering the fact that phones generally have small speakers, a new iPhone XS Max soundstage is really impressive.

No need for this clunky DSLR camera

One of the features that make iPhone XS Max stand out is its optical system. Two 12MP rear cameras (one wide-angle and one telephoto) and an upgraded 7MP front camera give you enough power to replace this old digital brick you used to carry around with you. The camera app is easy to use with minimum settings to provide you with straightforward shooting experience. For those who like to play a bit with your photos, you have a new Smart HDR mode, integrated digital bokeh (background blur) effect in portrait shots and improved low-light performance that will cater for the needs of any photography nerd.

The beast inside

A new iPhone XS Max holds a new A12 Bionic chip perfectly tuned with iOS 12 system. Improved performance with a 64-bit SoC and six cores uses up to 50% less power than an older A11 Bionic chip with visible performance improvement, in particular for graphics-intensive apps like games or augmented reality. The latter one is especially outstanding with a breakthrough Neural Engine – an on-device AI and machine learning.

All those technical issues basically translate into less power consumption and improved performance. If you dig a bit deeper into the possibilities of a new iOS system and apps which are supported, you will get myriad of useful features that will satisfy every user – no matter if you use it just for communication purposes or like to explore every possible functionality that a modern smartphone can offer.

Great for streaming

Pretty much like every modern piece of Internet-capable equipment, iPhone XS Max can be used as an entertainment center. Improved performance and its excellent audio and video capabilities make it a perfect tool for streaming. A large screen no longer requires squinting to see details in your favorite movie. Finally, you can watch whatever, whenever and wherever you want. Unless you come across a geo-restriction message saying that the content is not available for your location. That is where we step in.

Smart DNS Proxy is THE solution

We would not be offering you a chance to win this fantastic device without giving you the possibility of using it. iPhones are easily adaptable to our state-of-the-art Smart DNS and VPN technologies that give you both unbridled access to geo-fenced sites and services but also advanced online security mechanisms that protect you from any online threats while providing you with endless hours of entertainment. What can be better than that?

How can you enter and win?

The answer is simple – join our giveaway! If you are still not with us, sign up with us, create a free, 14-day trial account, and you will have access to all available features of our services, including the giveaway. If you are already onboard Smart DNS Proxy, simply log in and enter the competition. Now, all that is left for you to do is to do what you usually do online for fun: share, like, recommend, blog, post, follow, and tweet. And use social media to spread the word. The more you do, the bigger chances of winning you have. Plain and simple. There are no tricks, no commitments required, and no strings attached. Just pure fun and a chance to win the best smartphone that has been made so far.

Win a new iPhone XS Max and use it to the Max with Smart DNS Proxy.

Good luck!