Giveaway l February 20, 2017

March Giveaway at the Pro level!

In many places around the world, February is not exactly the best time to spend outside. But even if you live in the area where it is the middle of the summer, and you happen to be a gamer or plan to become one - does it really matter?

Smart DNS Proxy March Giveaway

Super charged gameplay

A new, mid-generation upgrade of PS4 offers a better graphics card and various hardware improvements and prides itself on giving the players 4K UHD resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) which, with amped up clock speed and extra gigabyte of DDR3 RAM, makes the games run more smoothly and shortens loading times.

It’s like wearing glasses for the first time…

You don’t need to have a 4K UHD TV with HDR to enjoy sharper image, clearer details and enhanced contrast. If you do have such a TV set, the console will automatically upscale the image to 4K resolution but even with standard 1080p sets, the game can “super-sample”, which results in a sharper and clearer image and a resolution boost.

Gaming is not the end of fun

As in the case of most game consoles, it can also be used as a perfect streaming vehicle for all your favorite movies, shows, series and music. It will be able to stream 4K HDR content from all your desired streaming apps and with USB 3.1, HDMI 2.0 and optical ports, you can turn it into a powerful hi-end media system.

Catch as catch can!

There’s no time to debate whether to take this wonderful opportunity to win the amazing machine or not. Jump right in and do whatever you can to become a lucky owner of the best game console in the market! It’s not a big deal – joining the giveaway is as simple as doing the things that you normally do online. No fancy tricks, no technical knowledge and no special skills required!

Go social and share

All you need to do is collect points through various online activities that are no different from what you normally do online. Nothing can be simpler than going to our Facebook account and liking it or following our Twitter account. You can also tweet about us, refer our promo to a friend via any online channel and earn extra points if they join the giveaway. You can even write the blog post about us!

Keep your UHD eye out!

Our special software will monitor all your activities and will reward you accordingly. The more you share, the more points you earn and the more likely you are to become a happy winner of the PlayStation 4 Pro console which will give you endless hours of entertainment in various possible ways. Just look out for the results of the giveaway and do anything you can to see your name on the winning place!

Good luck!