Giveaway l July 11, 2017

Win an Amazing iPhone 7 in our July Giveaway!

Amazing iPhone 7 in our July Giveaway!

This Fall will see one of the most anticipated updates by Apple – iOS 11, a new operating system with a lot of revolutionary changes and updates since the first edition of the iPhone OS.

Don’t stay behind – join our July giveaway and win one of the best smartphones available fully capable of benefiting from a new version of the system. A more detailed description of a new OS compared to its previous releases can be found here.

Powerful tool

With numerous controversies surrounding the premiere of a new iPhone, its 7th generation launched in 2016 remains, so far, the best and the most versatile communication gadget of all times. With a new and powerful 64-bit 4-core Apple A10 Fusion chip and taptic engine, iPhone 7 is the most useful and adaptable smartphone that the Cupertino giant ever launched on the market.

Prominent features

The iPhone 7 is the thinnest iPhone ever made, it includes IP67 water resistance and it is equipped with a new, pressure sensitive home button. Significant camera improvements (dual 12MP cameras with 4K video recording), stereo speakers and improved battery life and wireless Apple AirPods make it a perfect entertainment platform. Mobile computing - the initial idea that Steve Jobs wanted to accomplish with his product, achieved its full fulfilment in one incredible device.

Messages, phone calls and so much more

Long gone the times when a mobile phone was solely used to make calls and send text messages. Once the Internet access it the mobile business, it was just a matter of time for mobile devices to catch up with the SF movies. Apart from photo sharing, video calls and Internet browsing, what really caught on is streaming capabilities. No more use of storage for chunky mp3 or mp4 files. And iPhone 7 can be put in a top league of smartphones that can deliver a total streaming experience.

Movies, music and security

Apple has done a great job with its iOS apps which allow you to watch so many interesting things straight from your phone. If you are a movie buff, you have such platforms as HBO NOW, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC, Zattoo, Starz and many others. If you happen to be a sports fan, you can stream events from ESPN, FOX Sports, BBC Sport or beIN Sports. Music enthusiast? Dive into Pandora or Amazon Music and listen to your favorite tunes. As most of them are geo-located, Smart DNS Proxy gives you a perfect tool which will allow you to unblock hundreds of sites which may otherwise be unavailable due to geographical restrictions.

Why purchase – just win!

Apple’s quality and usefulness comes at a price – everyone knows that. That is why, as a token of our appreciation, we would like to give you a chance to win and reward you with this great device. As with all our giveaways – participating is really easy. And, as always, there are many ways that you can enter the competition – you can share, tweet, like, follow, recommend so, basically, do what you normally do online. The more you act, the more points you get thus boosting your chance to win.

You’ve got all you need – great phone, streaming apps and the best Smart DNS and VPN solutions that will not only allow you to unlock restricted content but it will also provide you with the best online security and Internet anonymity.

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