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How to watch Wonder Woman 1984 outside US

Finally, after innumerable delays, Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be released in theaters on 25th December 2020 in the US and Canada. HBO Max and Warner Brothers announced that every new movie is going to HBO Max, which is nuts! It’s probably the best time if you want to get HBO Max but it sucks if you’re outside the USA. But that we’re here for and in this video, we’ll show you how you can actually get Wonder Woman and the future movies that will come to HBO Max if you are outside the United States, let’s say UK, New Zealand, Australia, Asia – anywhere.


Before we begin, we would need two things to watch Wonder Woman 1984.

Smart DNS Proxy VPN App

iPhone or Android smartphone for signup

Also, as of December 11, HBO Max announced it would no longer offer a free one-week trial, you know that's to stop Wonder Woman fans from getting the movie for free, then canceling the service. However, you can still cancel the subscription after a month, if you don’t find their other catalog interesting. 

With that said, let’s start with iOS first because it’s the easiest one to do.


First things first, you need to create an account on HBO Max. Now, if you try to create a HBO Max account from your computer or TV, you will need a US credit card. And unfortunately, HBO Max doesn’t support gift card. So, we’ll have to sign up from our Android and iOS. 

As you can see, since I’m not in US, I can’t see the HBO Max on the App Store. To fix that, we need to change our Apple ID country to install HBO Max. It’s pretty easy to change, but if you have active subscription, it’ll cancel them as well, so use a different account to do that. 

Head over to the App Store, tap on Settings > View Apple ID > Country/Region. While changing your App Store country, keep the payment method to None. If you are confused, go through our detailed video on How to Change App Store Country on iOS 14.

Once you have changed the country to the United States, turn on your Smart DNS Proxy VPN app and connect to a United States server.

Head back to the App Store and search for HBO Max. Once done, install it.

After you've installed HBO Max, sign-up and make the necessary payment formalities. Since you'll be using Apple App Store payment method, HBO Max won't verify for a US credit card.

That’s it, now open the app, search for Wonder Woman 1984. Since the movies isn’t released yet, you can watch the trailer or add it to your watch list. 


On Android, it's pretty easy to download and install HBO Max from the Play Store itself.

First, we would have to change our Google Play Store country to United States. It's pretty easy. Head over to the Play Store, tap on the Menu button and tap on "Account". On the Account page, tap on the "Country" and change it to "United States".

Once you have changed the country to the United States, download a VPN app of your choice. For this instance, I am using the Smart DNS Proxy VPN app. In the VPN app, change your country to a random United States server.

Now that you have connected to the United States VPN server, install the HBO Max app. Next, open the app.

The HBO Max app will open normally without asking for any subscription or sign-in. You would have to move to the "Profile" tab and tap on the "Subscribe Now" button to sign up in the app.

On the subscription page, enter you name, email, and other details. When you click on the "Create Account" button, it'll ask you for the payment details. It'll ask you to use Google payment method. Thankfully, HBO Max doesn't check the card details if you use Google Payment. Hence, you can use any credit card of your choice of any country to subscribe to HBO Max.

A month of subscription to HBO Max would cost you $14.99/month. You can anytime cancel the subscription within the Google Play Store app.

Now, that you have created an HBO Max account from Android or iOS, you can use those login credentials to sign in to the service from any platform, be it your computer or TV. Let me show you how. 


On your computer, simply turn on the VPN, go to web browser and type in ‘HBO Max’.

Log in with the credential you just created from iPhone or Android and sign in. 

That’s it. Once you are in, search for Wonder Woman 1984.

Android TV

On Android TV, go ahead and sideload the HBO Max app from the apk mirror. You’ll have the link to how to sideload apps on Android TV in the YouTube cards. 

Before opening the HBO Max app, turn on your VPN and connect to the United States server, just like we did before in Android and iOS.

Now open the HBO Max app and click on the "Sign In" button.

HBO Max will ask you to sign via your phone or computer. Do that and make sure you have a VPN turned on the particular device.


The process for Firestick is almost identical to Android TV. For Firestick, HBO Max has recently launched the Fire TV store. However, downloading the app from the Fire store would be a task. Hence, I recommend you sideload the HBO Max apk via the Apps2Fire app.

Once you have installed the HBO Max app, use a VPN and connect to a US server. Next, open the HBO Max app and sign-in via your Android or iOS device. Make sure you use a VPN on the device you are using to sign-in.

These were the ways to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max from anywhere in the world. If you are new to this channel. We’ve made a video on HBO Max tips and tricks so click on the YouTube cards and subscribe to our channel to stay informed on all the news.

You might want to check out Smart DNS Proxy because it gives you Smart VPN for about $5 a month so use can actually use Smart DNS Proxy servers to watch unlimited content outside the USA.

Thank you for reading and watching and see you.