NCAA l February 23, 2015

How To Watch NCAA March Madness Outside US

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The NCAA college basketball finals also known as the NCAA men’s tournament is one of the three most exciting sports week of the year in the United States, This tournament can be viewed online by using the March Mardness on demand service. This is the only legal way through which March Madness live can be viewed online. Its broadcasting partners CBS and Turner will also air the matches live and you can Live Stream to your laptop or desktop computer or even on your mobile devices which has iOS and Android.
There are many streaming options also available at your disposable but their availability and accessibility can be doubtful. Plus the plethora of ads on those free streaming links can destroy the experience and we all know that NCAA fans want the best experience they can have. So we would suggest that you get yourself a March Madness subscription in order to enjoy all of these games.
You can watch March Madness on
1.       ESPN Go
2.       CBS
3.       Turner
4.       Fox Sports Go
These options will only work if you are in the USA but for people travelling or living abroad it won’t work. Simply put it, these are geo-restricted and are only available in the USA. This can be problematic as if you want to watch NCAA March Madness then you won’t be able to watch it. This is because these online TV service providers, just the like the majority in America restrict their content viewing to computers based in the USA and they block computers that do not have a US IP address from viewing it. The fact you can browse the site but not view the live NCAA games will make you even madder. However we can help you bypass these geo-restrictions.
So how do we solve this problem? Well one logical explanation to bypass this restriction would be to change your IP to a USA IP. And the best possible way to do this is via Smart DNS Proxy.
Smart DNS Proxy is way better than getting yourself a VPN as your objective is to stream the matches live and unfortunately VPN services aren’t fast enough because of their encryptions. We could get in to the details about how Smart DNS Proxy works but we don’t want to bore you with the intricate details. We realize that these games are important and streaming them live should be our only priority.
Smart DNS Proxy will replace your proxy to a US IP which will make CBS, Turner, ESPN Go and other blocked channels in to thinking that you are coming in from the US. This will allow you to watch all the NCAA March Madness live as it happens.
Setting up Smart DNS Proxy is easy, just head on to the ‘setup page’ and we will guide you to setup Smart DNS Proxy on which ever device you want. Smart DNS Proxy does not require any software to be downloaded all you need to do is adjust your network settings.
You can view the price and planning of our services when you sign up on our ‘Sign Up’ page. Once you have signed up you can browse all the blocked content; including the March Madness; you want.
So there you have it folks, Smart DNS Proxy lets you unblock NCAA March Madness outside US with ease. Don’t miss out on the action and sign up now!