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10 Upcoming Netflix Shows to Watch Out for in 2018

When it comes to TV shows, we can all say that Netflix ranks on top. Not only does it provide us with entertaining series, but it also never fails to amaze us with its out-of-this-world storylines, and highly lovable characters. Their stunning CGI also makes them go on-par with well-established producers like HBO and Showtime.

According to statistics, there are more than 45% of US households subscribed to Netflix. That figure is continuously rising; especially that cord-cutting is becoming a trend. Never before have there been these few cable subscribers. According to another report, the cable TV industry is declining 2.7% yearly due to the rise of video streaming services. And Netflix plays a massive role in that.

So what does this tells us? It shows how Netflix is exponentially growing in popularity. With the way it approaches producing shows, chances are is that more people are going to patronize their shows even more.

Still can’t get enough of Netflix? We’ve compiled the top 10 upcoming Netflix shows you should watch out for in the next year.

10. Dogs of Berlin

Netflix is serious in makings its video streaming service global. With its first German-language series “Dark” underway on production, Netflix still has its hopes running high on another one — “Dogs of Berlin.” This 10-episode series is a cop show directed by Christian Alvart. It follows two German cops who have different ethnicities.

The first one is purely German, while the other is a Turk. Together, they investigate various cases; from drug cartels to mafias, and even neo-Nazi groups. It's the kind of show that people interested in thrillers and cop-action would surely love.

9. Arrested Development

Arrested Development's fifth season is pushing through after its last season ended way back in 2013. Now, the original series' entire cast will return. The show will pick up from George and Michael's cliffhanger. Their heated friendship will finally be settled over their mutual love interest. While Gob will be promoted to the president of his family's company.

The 5th season will also show how Buster's arrest for the alleged murder of Lucille Austero will turn out. There are a lot of things to expect from this show, and most of them are on the current social issues we're facing.

Netflix made some hints that “Arrested Development” might be a reflection of Donald Trump’s life as a father and as POTUS. Mitchell Hurwitz says in a statement that storylines around erratic and eccentric family business are underrepresented on TV. He then adds that these people are desperately trying their best to abuse their power.

Was he referring to President Donald Trump? No one knows. But that sure adds up to the show’s hype.

8. The Toys that Made Us

The toy boom of the 1980’s is one of the most iconic moments of the period. With He-Man figures and Ghostbuster toys coming from Mattel, it’s easy to say that the good ‘ol days are gone. And that’s just why Director Tom Stern brought this to us — to bring back those days.

With this 8-part documentary series entitled, "The Toys that Made Us," now fully-grown adults can indulge themselves in nostalgia with this upcoming Netflix show. From Barbie to GI Joe, and even Hello Kitty and Transformers, you can expect every toy to be tackled on this show.

7. The Rain

Recent post-apocalyptic blockbusters proved how profitable of a niche it could be. And Netflix well knows that fact. "The Rain" would be one of Netflix's sci-fi releases next year. It is a post-apocalyptic drama that has a surprising twist. The series is set in Scandinavia and takes place after a killer virus has killed the majority of Earth's population.

It chronicles the experiences of two young siblings who happen to survive the virus apocalypse. But after seeking "refuge," things turned out to be more horrifying than what they've been through. It'll be interesting to see how that'll turn out, especially that young kids are the main protagonists. This is also the first time that a zombie apocalypse production is focused on a group of younglings.

6. Kingdom

If you happen to be a fan of K-pop, then you've got yourself a ride for 2018 Netflix. "Kingdom," a Korean zombie fantasy drama, will premier next year. What makes this show exciting is that it will be a blend of different genres. From supernatural fantasy to historical drama, and having a bit of post-apocalyptic feel, this one's undoubtedly going to hit Netflix's top-grosser.

“Kingdom” is set during the medieval period of the Joseon dynasty. And a handsome, young prince (it sounds cliché, we know) will investigate a deadly virus that has significantly reduced the population. The show is expected to be rich with visually stunning CGI, making this an important part of your series bucket list for next year.

5. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The much-loved James Franco will return as another lovable protagonist in Netflix’s upcoming anthology series. “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” was announced in January this year, and since then has received a lot of hype due to its different “tales.” The story will revolve around America’s western frontier, so be prepared to see some horse-riding, gun-slinging action in 2018.

The series will have six episodes which it calls as tales. This adds a unique feel to the cowboy-themed series. Zoe Kazan will likely be Franco's leading lady, while Tyne Daly and Ralph Ineson will spice things up for the show.

4. Maniac

Emma Stone, Jemima Kirke, and Jonah Hill are bound to set the small screen on fire next year with “Maniac.” As of now, there are still no official details as to what we can expect from the characters. However, it’s safe to assume that this will be a more serious adaptation of the 2014 Norwegian series of the same name. What we do know now is that Netflix’s “Maniac” will be written by Patrick Somerville.

This will revolve around the fantasy world of Stone and Hill's character and will take place in a 1950s mental hospital. Reports have it that this will be a high-profile series, knowing that the world's highest-paid actress is the main protagonist. Unfortunately, there are no details about the show's budget.

3. Tidelands

If you're into supernatural creatures, then this will surely light up your 2018. "Tidelands" is a supernatural crime drama that follows a former criminal who returned home only to find that her town is inhabited by supernatural creatures. The premise starts when she stumbles on a dead body of a local fisherman.

After making investigations about the incident, she discovers that the town is home to half-human, half sirens, called Tidelanders. There are still no official details about the casts and character names. But one thing's for sure and that it'll have ten episodes in its first season. If you've watched "True Blood," then you can expect this to be nostalgic.

2. Troy: Fall of a City

Netflix knows that we can’t help but fathom the grandeur of the ancient world. And no matter how many versions this legend has had over the years, the thirst for more has never been quenched. This is why Netflix partnered with BBC One to bring “Troy: Fall of a City” on 2018.

Alfred Enoch, Jonas Armstrong, and Tom Weston-Jones are some of the show’s cast. And take note that Netflix and BBC will have a budget of $6 million per episode to bring this epic to life. It’ll surely be worth the wait, especially for history buffs out there.

1. Lost in Space

Here's stuff for the science nerds out there. "Lost in Space" will follow the story of a futuristic family lost in space. It is a reboot of the 1965 TV series of the same name. But this time, it will feature a darker and more serious theme instead of the original comedic style of Irwin Allen. Parker Posey and Toby Stephens are the main characters of the show, while Molly Parker and Raza Jaffrey are supported cast.

The premise of the sci-fi show is set in the year 2046. This is when the Robinson family experiences a problem in outer space and crash lands on an unknown planet, only to find out that there’s no way out for them. For sure, this will be the kind of stuff that outer space geeks would love.

Final Thoughts

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