Netflix l March 9, 2020

Browse Netflix and Disney Plus with Just Keyboard Shortcut

Lately, the touchpad of my old MACBOOK PRO wasn’t working quite well, and I wanted to watch my favorite shows on Netflix and Disney+. And turns out, you can navigate pretty much anything on these streaming sites, be it searching for the right movie, pause, play, mute and what not. You can do pretty much everything with just keyboard shortcuts.

Let’s see some of them.

Let’s start with Netflix first. 

Here’s my MacBook, where I’ll try to watch Netflix without using the mouse.

So, open Netflix and when you see the profile options, use the TAB button to navigate. Once you are in the right profile, use the ENTER key to get into the profile. The only drawback is that you can’t go backwards in this motion, you can select movies and TV shows in the right side.

Once you are in, you can use the TAB key to get to the “Search” icon highlighted. And type the show you want, for example, Black Mirror.

Or you can search for The Office if you are Smart DNS Proxy customer and want to watch Netflix US outside of the US.

And the use of the combination of TAB and ENTER to play the show.

Once you have the show, you can use the same buttons to hover over the “Next Episode” and select it.

Sometimes, you don’t have any show in mind, rather you want to scrub through the homepage and see what you like.

In that case, you can again use the TAB and ENTER to move between shows.

And here is the fun part.

Once you are in the show, you can use the following shortcut.


S—to skip them!

Space to Play and Pause and if you hold the SPACE bar, to watch it frame by frame, (comes in handy when you have to dissect a scene)

Next you can do F to go—Full screen.

Right arrow—Fast-forward ten seconds

Left arrow—Rewind ten seconds

Up arrow—Volume up

Down arrow—Volume down

Esc—Exit full screen

And it’s not just Netflix, these keyboard shortcuts pretty much work on most streaming sites, for example, let’s take Disney + and YouTube for example.

You can use the same TAB and ENTER to move around the shows, and some keyboard shortcuts like SPACE to pause, M to mute, F to full screen, right arrow—fast-forward ten seconds, left arrow—rewind ten seconds etc. They also work on YouTube, in case you haven’t already noticed.

So, there you go, this was a small tip on how to easy way to navigate the Netflix website when you don’t have a mouse or trackpad. It also works on television if you hook up a Bluetooth keyboard, but the controls are limited and a bit different. 

Use this keyboard and type in to unblock geo-restricted content on sites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and many other services. There are videos available on all of them that can help you set it up, unblock the sites, use the VPN to protect it all. That said, do check out our other video on Netflix best extensions by clicking on the YouTube cards and subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow all current news. We’ll see you in the next one.

As always, thank you for reading and watching.