Netflix l February 6, 2019

How to Kick Off Freeloaders from Your Netflix Account

So, the other day I logged in to my Netflix account to watch “You” - not you, the TV show “You”. But instead, I was greeted with: “Too many people are using the account right now.” So, apparently, I can’t enjoy the service I paid for.

Of course, you can switch to a better plan if you are sharing your Netflix password with your significant other or your peers (which was the case with me). But more often than not, they are acquaintances or friends that you’re sharing your Netflix account with who, in turn, are sharing it with their friends and so on.

Let’s see how you can fix that, shall we?

If you are on mobile, open the Netflix app and tap on Account. This will launch the Netflix account settings on your mobile browser.

The steps are pretty much the same for both mobile and desktop. So, I’ll show you on the desktop as it has bigger screen.

Login to Netflix from your computer and navigate to “Account” in the top right corner. Go to “Settings,” and then click “Recent Device Streaming Activity.” This will tell you when your account has been used and from where, so you can make some educated guess on who is using in your account.

Now, instead of confronting them and asking them to not use your Netflix, it’s easier to simply boot them from your account.

To do so, go to “Settings,” select “Sign Out of All Devices.” You’ll receive a prompt that asks you to confirm whether you want to sign out. This process may take up to eight hours before every device is fully signed out.

Next, sign back in, go to “Account” section and change your password. Your account is now yours now, and freeloaders will need the new password to log back in. Don’t give it to them now, will you?

There you go, that’s how you kick people off of your Netflix account. It goes without saying that you can do the same for Amazon Prime Video or even Hulu. All you have to do is change your password. Let us know if you want separate videos on it.

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Thank you for reading and watching and see you in the next one.