Netflix l April 13, 2021

How to use Netflix without a credit card

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming service in the world, but it requires a credit card to sign up. What if you’re a student who doesn’t have a credit card yet? Or you traveling outside the United States and want to watch US Netflix, but don’t have a US credit card. Can you still get a Netflix subscription? Yes, and the secret answer is - Gift Cards.

Let’s take a moment to understand, how we are going to pay for Netflix with a gift card.

So, Netflix Gift cards are available both online and offline retail outlets and for the sake of convenience I bought a few from Amazon. And you can pay for those gift cards with any mode of payment like debit card, checking account, or even use an Amazon gift card to buy a Netflix gift card.

To get a Netflix subscription, you would need a valid email address, a Netflix Gift voucher, and a US VPN like Smart DNS Proxy.

Step 1: Buy a Netflix gift card

Go to the Amazon website and search for Netflix gift cards and look for the email delivery ones. These are digital gift cards that can be accessed almost immediately after purchase. Not to mention a physical gift card would have to be delivered to your address. 

On the Gift card page, select an amount. You can purchase a gift card from anywhere from $25 to $150 and above. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a gift card that’s worth less than $25.  Add to cart and buy. The cool thing is, you can buy Netflix gift card using your Amazon gift card amount, so I’ll just use that and check out.

Step 2: Receive the Gift card

You will receive an email from Amazon on the email address you have provided in the gift card. The email usually takes 5-10 minutes to arrive, so don’t panic.

Before we proceed further, make sure you’ve received the gift card with the correct amount and keep the gift code handy, we’d need it for the next step.

Step 3. Open VPN and connect to a US server

Netflix supports the use of gift cards in few countries such as the US. Therefore, we need to connect to a US server using a VPN app. Don’t worry, this is only one time process and lucky for you, Smart DNS Proxy lifts the geo-restrictions by letting you connect to a server anywhere in the world, including the US. Let’s connect to a US server.

Step 4: Get the Netflix subscription

Now, let’s create a Netflix account and start the subscription. Go to the Netflix website and enter your email address to get started. If you have an existing Netflix account, you can login to that as well. Even if that account is linked to other country, it’ll still work.

Choose a plan. Netflix offers three different plans that offer different features. As you can see on the screen, the plans vary from $8.99 to $17.99. Select the plan of your choice and proceed to the next step. For this instance, we’ll choose the max tier with 4 screen, since we just bought a 4K TV.

On the payment mode page, select Gift card option and enter the code. But you must be thinking, the Netflix plan costs $17.99 and the gift card starts at $25.

So, what happens to the remaining $8?

Well, Netflix would prorate your plan and offer services until your balance runs out. Good news is that you can top-up the Netflix balance by purchasing additional gift cards in the future. Sounds fair.

Now, your Netflix account is active.

But before we leave, let’s answer a few more questions.

Can you switch plans?

Yes, you can switch your plans anytime you want, Netflix would simply prorate plan validity. For example, you have $10 balance in your Netflix account and you upgrade from a $8 to $18 plan. The $10 balance would be used up in less than three weeks. But luckily, you can buy and top up your Netflix balance with more gift cards.

Do you always need to use the VPN to watch Netflix? 

No. Netflix is available in most of the countries. So, here, if we’re using a US VPN, our Netflix will switch to Netflix US and if we turn off our VPN, our Netflix falls back to the original country, in this case - India. As you can see, the gift card has no impact on this, whatsoever. Once you have set everything up, you can choose use Netflix, just like you were using it before.

So, this was a simple way of getting Netflix if you don’t have a credit card. You can still get the subscription rolling by simply buying gift cards from Amazon and redeeming those cards on your Netflix account. The key point to note is that you’re going to need a proper VPN like Smart DNS Proxy because Netflix doesn’t support Gift cards everywhere. 

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Thank you for reading and watching and see you in the next one.